Googled into a stuper looking for a vest


This may a random request that may never get fulfilled but I need help!

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled across a pattern online for a vest/strappy top. I am positively positive that I bookmarked the page but its not there.

In the pic, I think it was a brown haired woman modeling the top in khaki-ish green.
I have searched all of my usual haunts and googled my fingers off looking for this pattern to no avail.

Does anyone know what I’m waffling about? if anyone knows where this pattern may be PLEASE let me know!

Thanks for listening!

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Is this it?

Thats not quite it - but its very similar! It may work. Thank you.

Am I missing something in Knitty - I can never find all the patterns that people link to on here, I can only find a few magazine issues and look through the patterns in there.


At, the patterns link shows the current magazine patterns, if you want to see back issue patterns sorted by type, you select the archive link.