Good yarn for a sweater?

So I have been researching about yarns and it seems that so many yarns that I am attracted to are bad for sweaters due to pilling. Lamb’s pride because it is one ply, WOTA is out, all merino is out bc of pilling… what is in? what is a good yarn that is soft yet wont pill? rich colors like lamb;s pride would be a big plus.

Any ideas?

Pilling is part of soft yarn. But pilling does stop. All you need is a cheap sweater shaver from Target, and your sweater will look great again. After two or three pilling cycles, the small pieces of fiber will have worked themselves out. :slight_smile:

Have you looked at Karabella Aurora 8?

good to know. gracias.

i havent seen karabella but ill go look it up now. more yarn, thats all i need! :rofling:

hey when they say washable they mean machine washable?? if so this aurora looks delicious. thanks for the suggestion.

Yarndex says it’s machine washable, lay flat to dry.

BTW–The sweater I made from Debbie Bliss Merino Aran hasn’t pilled at all, and the one I’m almost finished with that I made with Australian Merinos doesn’t strike me as a yarn that will pill at all.

hey there ingrid. thanks for the yarn suggestions. :smiley: do you mean the cashmerino? im using that on a halter right now and i really love the way it feels.

No, it wasn’t cashmerino, though that is loverly! It was this and it has proven to be machine wash and dry. Very softly squishy and lovely on the hands.

The DB Cashmerino (not what Ingrid used) is super soft and yummy to work with, but I was really disappointed in how quickly it pilled – one wash and the booties I made looked like crapola. :frowning: Cashmere is very pilly, though. And then pair it with merino – yikes.

I have a whole bunch of the baby cashmerino that I was planning a sweater with. Maybe I should rethink that. :thinking:

I made the booties for a friend, and then blocked them. After immersion blocking, I noticed pills and couldn’t give them as a gift. I kept them for my DD, and with normal newborn wear (which is very minimal), they were pretty ratty looking in short order. :frowning:

:verysad: Oh poo!