Good Summer Reading

I just want to let you know that you need to read The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs.Its an awesome book…Sissy:happydance::happydance:

I enjoyed it very much too. I also like Mary Kruger’s series (Dyed in the Wool and Knit Fast Die Young), and Maggie Sefton’s too (Knit One Kill Two, Needled To Death, A Deadly Yarn, and A Killer Stitch).
I also read The Knitting Circle and it’s good too.
Wow, have I read EVERY novel about knitting? Not yet, I still have Debbie Macomber’s series (The Shop on Blossom Street, etc) and Knitting: A Novel to go. LOL

I wasn’t really happy with TFNKC; I am a fan for Kruger’s and Sefton’s work. I do need to purchase something else for our beach trip next week–Books a Million here I come.

I just finished the Friday Night Knitting Club and have recommended it to everyone I know - I think the story was perfect. I loved the characters and the ending and everything about it - one of those books you hate to put down cause you want to keep being with the people and sharing their lives.

I enjoyed The Friday Night Knitting Club very much – until I got to the end.

Man, I didn’t see it coming. And it wasn’t the end I wanted. In fact I felt like I had invested a lot in reading the story, got caught up in all the characters and the ending was kind of a low blow.

Kind of spoiled the book for me.

Oh well, maybe I’m naive but I like happier endings.


I love reading Right nw I’m raeding HOLD THE DREAM by Barbara Taylor Bradford. ( It comes fater A WOMAN OF SUBSTANCE )

Very Good.