Good Online Yarn Sites

Happy Sunday!

Since I’m out in the boonies & often don’t feel like dragging the kid to Walmart, are there any online craft/yarn supply sites that
You order from frequently?

Any to avoid?


I have ordered from the following:

All with great results. Happy shopping!!!

All of what Jan said, plus:


What wonderful web sites! Thanks Ladies!!!

Thank you for the responses! Wonderful! Off to bookmark…

Are you by any chance a Downton Abbey fan? :wink:

[B][COLOR=“DarkGreen”]What is the meaning of “Off to bookmark”?[/COLOR][/B]

[B][COLOR=“DarkGreen”]I am![/COLOR][/B]

She’s going to bookmark them. (For Explorer-only users: add them to her Favorites.)

[B][COLOR=“DarkGreen”]Okay, I didn’t know if there was a way to bookmark threads on this web site.[/COLOR][/B]

Well, she may mean that she went to each site linked and then bookmarked in her browser. That’s what I do if I need to.

Me, too! LadyMarysStuffedDog suddenly clicked with me so I’m assuming she is, too!

[B][COLOR=“DarkGreen”]That’s the same thing I do, but if your hard drive doesn’t work any more then all those saved are lost. BTDT, and it really stinks!!!

Are you watching the new season of Downton? I usually announce several times a day what time it will be showing that night.[/COLOR][/B]

My computer is ancient so it’ll need replacing before long. The HD still works for now though.

Yes! I’m actually doing the Downton Abbey knit-a-long, too. Having a few issues so we’ll see what happens.

I use Chrome; all my bookmarks are saved in my Google account and work in any computer or device that I’m using Chrome and am logged in.

I believe Firefox does this as well, but I have not tried it. Chrome is allowed on my work computer so I use it on all my computers. :slight_smile:

[B][COLOR=“DarkGreen”]We use Chrome too and none of my bookmarks were saved when the hard drive died. Really stinks because I have a daughter getting married in October and I saved several sites for reference. Now I can’t remember them, except for Pinterest.[/COLOR][/B]

You have to be logged into your Google account for the bookmarks to be saved and you have to be logged into it to retrieve them. I am logged into GMail all of the time, which automatically logs me in to everything Google whenever I’m online.

I’m sorry you lost all your booksmarks. :pout:

If you sync with other devices all things transfer including bookmarks.

[B][COLOR=“DarkGreen”]I don’t even know what that means. I am not computer savvy[/COLOR][/B]