Good morning

how is everyone?
I knitted all weekend on the hooded sweatshirt, it was pure bliss!
my puppy can’t understand why I can hold him and knit too. He looks up at me with this confused look. of course i have to put the yarn down for some snuggling. He even at one point climbed up my arm and draped himself around my neck! he’s white so it looked like a fur collar. LOL.

AWWWWWWWW!! :heart:

Howie was quite jealous of my sticks and string when I started knitting…he actually ripped out a couple of my pieces! Now, he is happy to curl up against my leg. :heart:

Good AM and good MONDAY :slight_smile: :blush:

Anyway… got the first 20 rows done on the hat, the two purl rows and my five knit rows before the decrease… once I start to decrease the hat goes fast… it will be fun… I’ve never purled on circs before, so that was interesting… and it seems, I had forgotten how to purl… but it came right back… :slight_smile:

The DD has bought a learn to knit kit, nice… it came with acrylic and boa yarns to make a scarf or purse… and WOOD needles… :slight_smile: I don’t even have wood… :slight_smile:

Anyway… I talk to much… ugh

KK… I’m really trying to be good and keep it PG-13… :shifty:

Great about DD! 3rd generation knister.

Say WHAT???

Hey Tigger! Have you thought about starting a blog?

yeah blog spot and such are GREAT… I’d even be willing to host blogs for any knitter of KH. for free… :slight_smile: but I would recommend blogspot first:)

or even in here

Here’s always worked well enough for me. :smiley:

But’s all a preference thing.

Yup yup… it’s all how you want it to look, act and feel :slight_smile:

I’m home today with a sick monkey. :frowning: Poor girl has a pretty bad chest cold. Luckily, she hasn’t had a fever today (Sat night it was 103.7 - yikes.)

So, I’m just sitting here with my laptop watching her sleep…

Here’s a pic of her Halloween costume…I don’t think I posted it here. I made it myself. It was my first time sewing an actual garment (I’ve quilted plenty, but I’ve never used a sewing pattern.) I came out a little big, but I’m pretty happy with how it came out.


VERY COOL! :thumbsup:

That looks realllly good :slight_smile: I used to sew before I sold my machines… cause I wasn’t doing it as much as I wanted too… :frowning: Miss it some

i hope Nia is feeling better! watch those fevers gurl! they are no joke! my 3rd had a febril (sp) seizure when she was 15 months…very very scary!!! shes so cute!

sharon, she is a doll!
yuck, would ya’ll believe I’m having to work a little at work!!!
I’d rather be talking here! I did get to knit a few at lunch so that was fun.

Awww, cute monkey! …I mean, kid. Cute kid.:wink:
Is Glen Burnout Glen Burnie, MD? If so, do you know any good yarn shops around there? :smiley:

Cute costume! The ONLY things I ever successfully sewed were Halloween costumes–I guess because it didn’t matter if they were a little wacky. Great job!

LOVE the costume Sharon!! What a cutie pie. :inlove: Hope she feels better!

Happy Knitting Tigger, sounds like you’ve found paradise. :happydance:

Thanks, everyone! Nia’s doing better today…her appetite is back to normal, and she’s bouncing around and chit-chatting like usual. Yay!

Carmell, yes, I was freaking out all scared that she’d have a seizure. It’s a mother’s job to go grey worrying over their kids, no?

Cate, there aren’t any yarn stores here in Glen Burnie, but I’ve been to A Good Yarn in Baltimore (kind of small and $$$), All About Yarn in Columbia (my favorite LYS, hands down!), and The Yarn Garden in Annapolis (don’t know it’s website - it’s small, but the owners are SUPER helpful.)

Here’s a good site with MD yarn stores:


Thanks! The only one I’ve been to in MD is the Yarn Garden in Annapolis. Maybe I’ll check out the one in Baltimore…I like look at (and, I’ll admit, touching!) yarn too expensive to buy. :stuck_out_tongue:

There is also the Cloverhill Yarn shop in Catonsville, just up the beltway off Frederick Rd. :slight_smile: and The Celtic Knot in Ellicott City.

I’ll find exact websites.

I do like All About Yarn. :slight_smile: Love why they started the shop too

Cloverhill Yarn
The Celtic Knot