Good morning and happy thanksgiving eve!

hope everyone is ready for tday tomorrow!!
I am getting off work at 2 and picking my mom and sister up(who’ll stay a couple nights with us) and heading home to pick up grandkids, and then we’ll get started on tomorrows meal.
all our kids willl be there tomorrow for dinner. however, one person will be missing, DH!! he has to work evening shift, noon-10 pm. he has to leave home at 11 am, so there’s no way he can take part in the festivities.
we are very bummed :crying: :crying: :crying:
What are your plans??

My Thanksgiving will be Sunday :rollseyes: so we can have as many people here as we can–which is not many this year. My oldest daughter was just here last month, so she won’t fly back until Christmas, my son is a chef at the moment and will be up to his neck in turkeys himself, and my dd who lives with me is working. She gets overtime and a comp day, so she’s all for it. Jake will be with his dad, so the only day all of us can eat together would be Sunday.

We’ll bring home my dad from the nursing home, and the friend who’s renting his house will be coming. Jake’s dad, too, since he likes my meal better than his mothers. It will be odd not having days off after Thanksgiving rather than before, but there’s no point in making a big meal if there’s no one to eat it.

ugggh… I need tod ecide what desert I will make …

I have a book of jsut chocolate deserts that has about a hundre things in it… then I have my desert book… you wouldn’t believe my cookbooks…

Play opens tonight, so I won’t hav emuch time to cook until tomorrow morning :slight_smile:

But I’m sure it’s good to see all the kids, I know from experince tho that it can get a little crazy :slight_smile:

I am about to start baking pies and doing prep work.
We are having both turkey and ham since we couldn’t decide on one or the other. :happydance:

What is up with the price of squash? I bought 3 medium-sized butternut squash and it cost almost ten bucks! They better eat it, that’s for sure.
We will be just six people, as our families live up north and we are in south Florida. We do have a friend in the Miami area who is coming though. He is a bachelor and lives for the holiday dinners at our house.

i’m going to the my MIL!!! oh joy! just a reason to knit!! :happydance: i hate going over there but the food is decent. i’ll eat my MIL’s cooking over my older sister any day!!! she thinks she is some super chef. her food is horrible! :shock: i’ll be damned if i give her another chance to ruin a holiday meal. one year for Christmas my mom let her cook and she made a pork loaf with cranberries rolled in it!! I was so po!! i mean where was my turkey, my Christmas ham!!!??? you just don’t do that. you don’t experiment on the holidays!! its just the law. its an unwritten rule! :fingerwag:

sorry i got carried away!!! :oops:

ingrid, you have a new avatar! I didn’t recognize you at first. LOL.
good idea having on the weekend. hadn’t thought of that. my problem is some of my fam works the weekends too. hopefully next year things will be diff.
norman, yum choc!! lots of possibilities!
yvonne, WHAT?? that is expensive for squash!
are you making a squash casserole?
we are having turkey breast. I bought two huge ones, as it seems no one ever eats the dark meat of the turkey, so last year I did this, and they loved the idea, so we’re doing it again. now in chicken, everyone loves the legs and thighs. :thinking:
carmel, you are too funny :roflhard:
but you are right, holidays are sacred. experiment on their own time!

Tigger, I cook the squash, mash it with butter, cinnamon and brown sugar and throw it in the oven for a little while. YUM!
Same here, turkey breasts rather than “a” turkey. Nobody here wants the legs. Also have a spiral cut ham. I’m getting hungry already.

Carmell, that pork/cranberry story is hilarious. I don’t much go for the homemade cranberry sauce. Reminds me of bloody eyeballs suspended in rubber. Gag. But my 11 y/o daughter loooooooooves that jellied cranberry crap in a can so I will serve that just for her.

Does anybody else hate any traditional Thanksgiving dishes?

We tend to switch hosting activities with my parents every year. We went to their house in Cedar Rapids the last two years I think, but this year they’ve come out here. Just got in last night, and Mom’s going to the grocery store for me since I have to work today. :heart: mommy!

Yuck, I hate the cranberry goop too, my mom loves it, but has decided not to make any this year b/c she’s the only one who’ll eat it. I think we’re foregoing on the stuffing this year too as mom and dad are the only ones who eat it and it makes tons. I say, just give me turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes and some simple veggies! And of course pumpkin pie. :smiley:

i don’t like pumpkin pie…SWEET POTATO PIE!!! :happydance: but sadly this year i will not be getting any since my mom is not cooking… :crying: i’m pretty sure MIL will have pumpkin! yuk!

:roflhard: That reminds me of the episode of Everyone Loves Raymond where Debra cooked a fish for Thanskgiving. It was too funny. But seriously, if I showed up for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner and there was no turkey or ham I would not be happy. LOL

i make fresh cranberry sauce and you’d be surprised how good it tastes. I never ate that gel from the can. but homemade, yummy yummy.

My sister and her husband are vegetarians. She makes a Russian Vegetable pie with a turkey shaped crust on it for Thanksgiving. Needless to say, the only people who come over to her house for Thanksgiving are her in-laws, also vegetarian.

I’ll stitck with the ‘usual’. This year my daughter wants to try sweet potato french fries, though, in an effort to get her kids to try them. I’m sure the younger one would love sweet potatoes, but he emulates his much pickier brother.

I’m cleaning the house today - my mom and one of my brothers is coming by tomorrow (if they don’t get snowed in, that is) DH is doing all the cooking, though! WHOO HOOO!

I love that cranberry goo, FB - send me yours!

When I was young, we always had ham at T-giving because my dad worked in restaurants (chef) and cooked turkey all day long!

Everyone is coming here. I’m making pumpkin bread and my dad’s favorite black cherry jello w/bananas. DH is making the turkey, potatoes and stuffing. Stepmom is bringing the candied sweet potatoes, pies and cheesecake. One daughter is bringing greenbean casserole. Should be fun. Better be fun. :wink:

yum pumpkin bread. my son in law is making that. also he’s making an apple pie and my daughter is making a cheesecake.
my other daughter is making the broccoli casserole. I’ll be making the turkey breasts, macaroni and cheese, cranberry sauce, deviled eggs, potato salad, slaw, mashed potatoes and gravy for those who don’t do pot salad, baked beans, sweet potato casserole, and my mom will make the dressing, as no one can make it like her!
she’ll be 84 in January. :heart:

I kinda miss big T-day festivities, but I really enjoy just having my DH and parents as company - more leftovers :smiley: And since I don’t get to see my folks too often, it’s very nice to have them around.

One year, when I was in middle school, we went to Toronto for Thanksgiving and had Thanksgiving dinner at McDonalds. I think I’d much rather have turkey than Chicken McNuggets anyday.

FG, ugh, mcnuggets!! wow.
that was a special memory!
our big family (my side) gets together a few weeks before christmas and on mother’s day. there’s 80+ people. this is just my mother, brothers, sisters, their kids, grandkids, great g’kids, etc. WE ARE HUGE. LOL. I have 7 brothers and sisters!! it’s wonderful.
On t-day, i usually have my mom and youngest sis, along with all our kids and g’kids, so it’s about 11 (next year will be 12!)

I’m not getting off work until 5 p.m. The I have to get home and start making my pumpkin pies!! If my son comes to my house and I don’t have any…I’m in big trouble! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Gee-reading about all this food is making my mouth water–I’d love to come eat with any of you!! My DH doesn’t like turkey or dressing and our only living child is in Alabama–600 miles away from us. (He will be eating dinner with his MIL who MOVED down there when my son and her daughter married and moved down there!! Doggone her!! Now she sees him and her daughter AND the 15 month-old grandboy ALL THE FREAKING TIME!!! oops, sorry for the rant on Thanksgiving, ya’ll.):oops:
Carmell, I guess we’re the party=poopers here.
And my Dh is working til 4, so when he gets home,we’ll most likely continue remodeling our bathroom , which we’ve been working on for three weeks+ now. Taking sponge baths in the kitchen and washing your hair in the kirchen sink isn’t all it’s cracked up to be!! We only have 1 bathroom and DH is neither a plumber OR a carpenter but he’s doing a lot of “learning by your mistakes” !! I’m just thankful he’s got the commode back in -after the first day!!I was in PAIN for a day there!!! :shock:

But, I know he’s really doing all this just for me, so I’m THANKFUL I have him–I’m even THANKFUL my son has his MIL and my DIL to cook for him and sweet little grandboy for Thanksgiving!!

I’m also thankful I don’t have to eat her green bean casserole. :wink: