Good moring everyone, justa quickie b4 i get started!

how do you count the rows that you have already stiched. i don’t have the little circular row counters and i have a feelingthat even if a did, i wouldnt know how to do it.

please help!

Count the v’s on the way up on the knit side. Don’t count the loops on the needle as they haven’t been knit yet.

0 - loop on needle
v 4 rows of knitting.

:thinking: uh oh…i always count the work on the needles, especially when i am changing colors, because if i am knitting in say Purple and i want to switch to green, when i have 14 rows of purple Vs and a row on the needles when i add the green and start knitting it makes a 15th row of purple (of course this is when i want 15 rows of purple before changing colors)

have i been doing it wrong all this time (and does what i am saying make any sense at all?) :??

That works for counting colors. That WILL be number 15 when you work it. It’s more a matter of how many rows have been worked–those are the v’s. In this case row 15 is on the needle, and it will be your 15th purple row. I know exactly what you’re talking about. It’s really a matter of semantics, and there has been tons of discussions here and elsewhere about it.

In general, though, let’s say you’re supposed to knit 50 rows. You count 50 v’s. The loops on your needle are for your bind off row.

okay whew…i was worried that i was counting wrong this whole time but it sounds like it is just two different situations sorta… :shifty:

okay carry on…

[size=2][color=red]goes back to her dmned scarf*[/color][/size] :wall: :zzz: