Good men's hat

I found a great ladies hat. I plan on knitting a few for gifts. Yup, I’m thinking ahead to Christmas! I don’t want the men left out. I think that hats are cool. If you haven’t seen my post latley I just made my own hat. In fact I’m wearin’ it now. It is a little warm but I’m lovin’ it. :smiley: Does anyone have a favorite Men’s hat?

I think I showed you the PISMO before…

Or, maybe it’s the MODEL that’s so cute!!
[size=2](I hope that’s not Marnie’s DH! :oops: )[/size][/i]

I think it’s the model. :blush: Kelly said:

I hope that’s not Marnie’s DH
She’s lucky if it is. :wink: The hat seems to hard. My problem is the K1 P1 ribbing. I think garder st would look bad.

It’s actually my handsome boyfriend :inlove: He does make for a great model. Definitely makes my knits look better.
The pismo hat is a little hard, but if you want a really simple hat, this one is easy and quick to do:
It’s definitely a winter hat, though :wink:

Well, Marnie, anything we can do to puff up your man’s ego, just let us know! :rofling:

I just assumed that guy was a “hubba hubba” model. :shock: :drooling:

I am now imagining a marketing campaign for “Hubba Hubba Models, Inc” :rofling:

Oh, Leo’s going to get a swelled head when I show him this thread.


YEAH! And…um…I heard that Brooke? Wrote Renna a letter in class? That…um…said that…um…she LIKES Leo more than a FRIEND!! But, dont tell anybody!!!

Yeah…well…I heard that Kelly kissed Cooty Cody behind the bleachers. So NYEH! :stuck_out_tongue:

[size=6]:mad: UH UHHHHH!!! :mad:[/size]
Cooty Cody is a ZIT FACE!!! EWWWWWWW!

Well, I told me sweet Leo :heart: that women were mentioning how attractive his is and I didn’t even prompt them to do so. He didn’t believe me so I showed him the thread and he was just plain shocked and flattered.
I love it.

KellyK giggling with her hand over her mouth

KellyK giggling with her hand over her mouth

Renna, who keeps clicking on Kelly’s Pismo link (to see the hat, of course!) is merely drooling, still. :drooling: :blush:

Renna, We’d better stop this, or it’s gonna go from amusing to a little uncomfortable for poor Marnie! :oops:

Sigh, you’re right. I’ll drool over these instead. :inlove:


Kelly, (in the words of Mike Meyers to Nicole Kidman on a really old episode of SNL), you’re the Devil. :devil:

Of course, we can’t all be :angelgrin:

And now, back to MANLY HATS. :oops: