Good LYS in Indy?

I’m leaving tomorrow for a 10 day conference in Indianapolis. I’ve stocked up on all the yarn and needles I think I will need while I’m there, but I’m feeling all anxious that if I really need something more I won’t know where to get it. (which is kind of crazy since I’m sure I’m bringing far more than I will actually have time to work on). Anyway, just in case, can anyone in the Indy area recommend a great LYS for me? Some of the other women who come to this conference usually go to Hobby Lobby, but I’m too much of a yarn snob for that.

I’ll be in Beech Grove but am willing to drive wherever! Suggestions?

Good lord! What addicts we are! Lets bring more yarn than we can possibly use, AND have a place to buy more JUST IN CASE. Now mind you, I’m not making fun, I just thing it’s so funny how alike we think. If I were ever to go on a trip, that would be my FIRST priority. Heck, even when I’ve gone to the emergency room for family members, What To Knit was a prime consideration!

Back to your question . . . . .

Oh earthchick, are there good yarn stores in Indy…

Well I would definitely check out Mass Ave Knit Shop - it’s right off of I-65/70 in downtown Indianapolis - on Virginia Ave. It’s huge, they have tons of yarn and books and prices are reasonable. They also have a WHOLE ROOM devoted to yarn on sale!!! If you only have time to check out one store that would be it my friend. I will warn you that it’s a tad bit chaotic in there as there are only 2 employees ever working and they’re both juggling phones, the “register” (a calculator and a credit card maching), and answering the bagillion cutomers’ questions. But it’s well worth it.

If you have time to drive a little bit, I would also check out Sheep Street down in Morgantown on SR252. It’s a little bit farther south, so it might be too far for you to drive, but it’s such a nice store. It doesn’t have the selection that Mass Ave has, but it’s nestled in the countryside and they have like 90 sheep and 2 llamas living on the property. They have a special focus on spinning and weaving, but have lots of scrumptious yarn for knitting as well.

There’s another store on the northside of Indy that’s nice, but I wouldn’t venture all that way for it.

If you have any specific questions, feel free to PM me!


KK, if you ever want to see these places (gee, that kinda sounded like a threat), you have a place to stay! And like you said, it’s only 3 hours :wink:

I believe Mass Ave is having a Knit In next weekend…(that’s when they lock the doors and you’re stuck there all night knitting - doesn’t that sound heavenly?)

I knew you folks would understand! FiberGirl, THANK YOU for the great tips. Those places sound so awesome that I may have to pop out to one of them even if I don’t run out. :happydance: Thank you, thank you!!!

So I’m packing enough yarn to finish the 3 projects I’m currently working on, plus enough yarn for 6 more projects on my list, and still I keep wishing I had bought one more skein of Manos just in case I have time to do a hat for dh. As if it is remotely possible for me to finish 9 projects in 10 days! (esp. when one of them is a NEBB similar to KK’s). :rollseyes:

At least I know I’m not alone in my addiction. :lol:

That DOES sound heavenly, and I really am gonna plan a weekend as soon as humanly possible!!