Good Knitting Books?

[color=violet]I’m brand new to knitting and have already learned a lot from the is web site and from a friend. But refering to this site for help or calling my friend is not always convenient. I have been searching for a good knitting book that is not overly complicated but thorough and has some easy/fun projects. I have found that there are tons of books available but too many for a novice like me to choose from. What are some good knitting book choices for a beginner?


I have these and they are great! You can search inside both of them on Amazon.

The Knitter’s Bible
Encyclopedia of Knitting

I recommend “Knitting in Plain English” by Maggie Righetti. It’s clear, user-friendly, sensible, and funny!

The Knitter’s Bible is really good. And you can buy the hardcover cheaper than the pb on this page…

Just click on new/used offers (on right), and look through those. You can get a brand new copy for almost nothing. (I got mine that way. :wink: )

I too am a relatively new knitter. I really liked reading “Knitting for Dummies” cover to cover. It covers all the basics, plus gives background for things you want to do in the future. I also LOVE Sally Melville’s books - Start with The Knit Stitch and The Purl Stitch.

I also found that I could check books out at the Library and look at them a while to decide if I wanted to invest in them.

Have fun!

If you can find it, on Amazon or, the 1940’s era “The Complete Book of Progressive Knitting” by Ida Ridley Duncan is FABULOUS.

Knitting for Dummies was written by an assosciate of my Mothers (Mom is also an avid Knitter)

but My Fav book is Marans Illustrated Knitting and Crochetting
they use a whole page for each stitch
its great

This website is my Fav online

hope this helps

I second this! :thumbsup:

for clear instruction/easy projects, check out the 2 Stitch n B***h books.

I learned from of combo of Amy’s videos on this site (EXCELLENT!!!) and Stitch n B***h which is not only very easy to follow but entertaining. It also has great projects that I plan on trying someday when I’m good enough.

Thanks for all the responses. I had a gift card from my b-day and this evening bought the Knitters Bible. I was a bit seduce, I’ll admit, by the fact that for a mere 2 dollars more it came with yarn and needles and crafty things to make two small bags. I did study the book in the store however, before purchasing. Now after the studying the book I’m a bit overwhelmed and scared! But I’m sure it will turn out all right.

Also this is a great website, the videos are very helpful. Everyone here seems so nice too!