Good Friend and Yarn!

I had to share with you guys! A girlfriend made an online order and ended up with a pinkiish Cascade 220 instead of a Maroonish color. And she just gave it to me! I love free yarn! Isn’t that sweet? And its so perfect cause it goes with two other colors I already have! I feel a felting fest, a pink felting fest coming on! What a good friend!

Yay for free yarn!

:cheering: :happydance: :cheering:

Excellent! Free yarn is good, but free GOOD yarn is even better!

:cheering: :happydance: Aren’t friends a wonderful blessing :wink:

I like the thought of a pink felting fest!! :happydance:

How wonderful to have a knitting girlfriend too!! :cheering:

It is a blessing to have two girlfriends that knit. If I’m on the road and run into something unfamiliar I can call and have them look it up. Becca will even get out her sticks and try it! (Like Jan has done fo me here! Thanks Jan!)