Good deal on Denise needles?

Awhile back it seems that I saw someone post about an online site where they bought Denise needles at a decent price with no shipping costs. I want to pick up an extra set as a gift. Can anyone recommend a good place to buy them?

Thanks Kelly!

Nooooo Problem!

Aaaarrrrgggghhhhh! I ordered them…they came in the mail just now and the case is smashed. Obviously I cannot give a smashed present. I have emailed coppermoose’s customer service. Let’s see how good their customer service is. I’ll keep you updated.

oh noooo!

They were quite responsive to me when I called about shipping taking forever…

I got an email back already and they said they have an empty case that they will mail out to me. So far so good.
:slight_smile: kimmie

I got the new case in the mail & it is in great condition. They did say that if this problem of smooshed cases becomes more common they will have to raise shipping costs and deliver them in boxes rather than the mailer envelopes. As I was transfering the needles & such from the smooshed case into the nice one, I realized that there is a difference in the cord lengths from when I got my set last summer. My set has two of the 4 1/2" or whatever - short- cords, while the set I’m giving as a gift has just one of those, along with a 9" cord that my set doesn’t have. Did they change the kits or is one of these that I have wrong?? My guess is that they’ve just added a new cord size.

Mine is the latter.