Good crocheting videos?

I am a knitter and even as a knitter I seldom follow any pattern. Now I plan to really break out of my comfortable zone by making this doll: It is mostly knitted and that part is no problem. However some of the parts are made by crocheting and I would need a bit of help to find suitable videos for learning how to do this. In the pattern description for the crocheted parts there are quite a bit of abbreviations I would need to learn too.

Is there any youtube channel or any other place you would especially recommend me to use as reference for learning to crochet. Right now all I am able to do is a crochet chain, so I am a total beginner when it comes to crocheting.

That is certainly a pattern worth learning to crochet for. Mikey at the Crochet Crowd is a good person to start with.

One thing to recognize is the difference between US and UK crochet terms.

I’m sure more experienced crocheters on the forum will have more recommendations.

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There is one thing that will make this even more challenging. The pattern is written in Danish, and the abbreviations seems to be Danish too. Now I understand pretty well Danish (as long as it is written and not spoken), but I do not know any crocheting terms in Danish (nor in any other language) so it will be difficult to figure out what those abbreviations means.

Yes, that does complicate things. Here’s a small glossary that may help.

Also, Ravelry has a group that will help with terms and confusing sections of patterns.

@OffJumpsJack have you seen some helpful videos or do you have experience with translations?


Thank you! A little while before you posted this I also found this glossary. Now I have been looking at some crocheting videos and I think I will be able to at least create the crocheted eyes. Even thou the shoes are really cute, I might just make socks for her as that is easy and I do know how to do it :slight_smile: . I will be able to make at least my own version of Liv.

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What is the quality of crochet socks like? Are they difficult to do? What yarn is used so they’re similar to knit socks? Im just wondering if any of you have any experience with this project. Thank you

I have never crocheted any socks. This project is a knitted doll with crocheted eyes and shoes. I have no experience of this project and it will take a while before I begin in as I have another project I need to finish first. When I wrote I might make socks for her I meant knitted socks so I would not have to do the do the crocheted shoes.

As I like to plan ahead I am just gathering resources and trying to learn in advance so once I have time to try to do the project I will know what I should do.

I’m sorry I misunderstood. It sounds like a beautiful design. I hope you manage to crochet it soon and enjoy doing it. Thank you for replying.

Well I do not have crochet videos bookmarked. I tend to search for what people ask about. :neutral_face:

One thing I do find helpful is the use of crochet symbols. They seem to transcend language like a small Rosetta Stone (over stated, but not too much :wink:).
I often find good pictures are worth much more than one thousand words.

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Here is a crochet symbol chart that gives Danish and other language terms.

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Mikey is a great teacher. Another good one on YouTube is Bethintx1. Beth in Texas. She taught someone in a nursing home how to crochet. But they had short term memory problems. Beth made instruction videos for them to refer to, posting them on YouTube. She now has a successful channel. Learning how to crochet will also help you with provisional cast ons using a crochet hook.


I’ve found this one on youtube: