Good beginner felted bag pattern?

I am looking for a beginner felted bag pattern, but for a bag big enough to hold a project or two. I got a small pattern book for two felted totes by “something old bags???” (it is not in front of me) and I totally do not understand the directions. Trip to my LYS is in order. If anyone here has some great patterns, please let me know.

I just wanted to say I also just got a "two old bags "pattern and its like a reading jibberish I dont get it I have hopes but not sure either , I also would like some thing simple and large felted but dont have one either so if you get something going let me know ok

Have you seen either version of this one?


Different version

I loved Fibertrends ‘Fabulous Felted Totes’ pattern. It’s not a freebie, but believe the cost was about $5 and the pattern has three sizes of totes to knit. It’s super simple as the bottom is knit in the round too, no stitches to pick up. When finished felting you shape it to get the bottom flat.

The Booga Bag pattern is very easy too, but you do make the bottom separately and pick up the stitches before knitting in the round. And it’s free. :slight_smile:
It’s rather small though for what you’re wanting it for.

When I first started knitting I bought the Two Old Bags, bag pattern and couldn’t make sense of it either. Thankfully I didn’t stress too much over it as our new puppy took a liking to it and shredded it! :shock: :lol:

Not all easy but here is a VERY long list just in case anyone else wants one that i must transfer to the pattern page when my kids let me have a little more time on the PC !</a>

More …
I never realised there were quite SO many …
I will be posting them in the pattern section too
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The above 3 go together

Scroll down to get the free pattern

OMG…so many !

I LOVE THE BOOGA BAG!!! One quick tip to save $$ - use a solid color felting wool for the bottom (like Brown Sheep or Cascade 220) b/c that way since you’d rarely see the striping on the bottom, you only need 2 skeins of Kureyon instead of 3 — or you can use that 3rd skein for a matching hat or scarf :XX:

Thanks for everyone’s replys, especially CCx, wow, what a great bunch ofwebsites! I really appreciate it!