Good afternoon

Hi, been meaning to post for a few days now. Thank you to a lovely lady on here, she helped me so much with my pattern. I have been so wrapped up in my knitting, have done barely anything else. I have now finished the item, and ready to stitch up. Just one thing I would like to check on before I go any further, if someone can help please.
I have picked up stitches and done both bands. Just now have pick up stitches at neck, sleeve, back etc. One think, pattern says start midway through band, basically am I starting in the middle of the front bands. Don’t want to start there , pick up all the stitches, then find I have gone wrong. Thank you for reading, and all have a good day…stay safe

Yes, start about midway along the width of the button band. It’s about at the level of the button or button hole. You can just about see it in the photo if you zoom in.

Oh yes, I did do this, but was still unsure. Thank you for that x

You helped me before, so grateful, thank you x

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Ahh thank you. Hope you have a good weekend, not sure if the weather will be good for us, but hope it’s a good one for you x