Golf sock pattern

On another thread there was a link to sock patterns.

On that page is a picture of golf socks. I can’t find the pattern on the page.
I’ve googled several times and can’t find the pattern.

I don’t golf but these would be perfect for the spring.

Thanks in advance


Do you mean the “golf hose” listed there with the animated “new” sign next to it??? Cause if it is… there’s a link right under the picture that says “Download this pattern as a pdf file”. It’s the only reference to any [I]golf[/I] sock that I saw on the link you provided.

Not those golf socks. When you bring the link up there are two pictures of the socks on the left of the page.
I can’t find any reference to them.


I couldn’t find the golf photo earlier…then when I clicked on the sock pictures I seen one was titled mom’s golf socks… so I went through her blog and didn’t see anything mentioned… so I started clicking on the mom sock titles and thesemight be it… different name but they look the same to me…:thumbsup:


Thank you. I didn’t know there was blogs to check.

That pattern should work fine.


:blooby:YAY! I’m glad it will work for you… my mom likes lower cut socks so I sent her the pattern… I’m trying to bring her over to the sock knitting side…:rofling:

And a dangerous side it is. Before I had even finished my first pair I was hooked. I have enough yarn to knit 6 more pairs and I’m loving it.
Can’t wait for the cold weather so I can start wearing them.