Gold and Black colored yarn - In search of

I’m in search of some yarn for a baby’s bonnet and sweater. The two color’s I need are Gold (Pittsburgh Steelers gold or a dark shade of yellow) and black. I would like the yarn to be very soft and washable. I have no problems finding black it’s the goldish color that I’m having a problem with. The two colors will be knitted into the same garment Price is not a factor since I’m making it for our best friends’ new little baby.

Thank you for any help you can provide!

I did a beautiful dress in patons brilliant. It comes in both a gold and a black. (Purchased at a chain craft store.) It was less expensive than berroco’s metallic FX.

Since it is for a baby, you may want to go with the patons since the berroco is dry clean only.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the post. To be honest I don’t need a “metallic-ly” looking yarn for [B]this[/B] project. But it would work perfect for another project I had in mind for a Christmas gift. So thank you for keeping my ADD-knitting-mind happy! :teehee:

ps I bet the dress looked beautiful!

lemme see if i can find a color card…

I have trouble finding gold for LSU-everything is either too yellow or too gold. I feel your pain!

I did a Steeler’s scarf and used the Mustard color.


I don’t know if “cornsilk” in Jo Sharp’s silkroad arancollection is bright enough for you, but I can tell you that knitting with it will make YOU happy in all sorts of ways. (My husband got a really odd look on his face when he heard my sighs of delight.)

And that is what it’s all about, right?!

I used Berrocco Comfort in Black and Goldenrod for a steeler sweater and it came out great. The gold is also good for Gryffindor fans!

You can find great yarn’s for children at this site

Thanks for looking everyone. When I finally get around to starting this project I’ll post pictures.

I just happen to visit a LYS (a 1st for me!) and I picked these up to made my project.