Going to knit my wedding dress. But what yarn to use?

I am going to knit my own wedding dress. I am wondering what yarn to use. it calls for sport 100% wool by Glenfiddich Wool and i really cant spend $22 dollars for a ball of yarn for the dress. I really want something that will feel good ageist my skin and not itchy but still the size i need. what would be a good yarn to use?


Wow…that’s a big project! It’s beautiful! Not sure about yarn, but I’ll see what I can find.

I agree. Big project and absolutely gorgeous.
Do you want wool, wool blend, acrylic? White, off-white?

im looking for like a champagne color. and i am wanting something soft but not really heavy that would weight the dress down. the dress calls for 100% wool but to me that would be itchy and heavy.

The yarn suggestion in the pattern is sport weight. Wool is not usually heavy and is nice and springy, but I totally understand. I couldn’t wear it myself because my skin is too sensitive. Some yarns like cotton stretch out and can be heavy. Acrylic can be “sweaty” because it doesn’t breathe well. Bamboo and silk aren’t stretchy. Almost all yarns have pros and cons. My suggestion is to go with a blend.

There are less yarns in sport weight than say fingering or worsted, but because this needs to fit I’m not sure substituting weight is a good idea. Hmm…

What about a Knit Picks yarn? There are several sport weight yarns that might work, Brava, Shine, even Galileo.

I was going to use a finger weight if thats what a 3 ply is but again i didnt know how much of a difference that was going to make. what is a good blend to get?

Three-ply is usually a light fingering but ply is an unreliable measure of yarn weight. Better to look at stitch gauge.
Substituting a finer weight yarn for the one given in the pattern will make the dress smaller. You could work a larger size, depending on the gauge you get with your yarn.

thank you salmonmac. I am thinking of doing a wool/silk blend or a wool/bamboo blend. i am trying to decide what color i want .I am thinking champagne or blush.

I knit my wedding dress and used two strands of a very fine yarn champagne color. Can’t even remember the weight or textile. But I had to wear a slip under it Go to your local store and be sure to buy enough. I have 6 balls left over but it’s fine

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Welcome to KH!
How lovely. You look radiant and beautiful.

You look beautiful and your dress is amazing!