Going to England.. should I avoid purchasing patterns?

We’re going on a tour of Great Britain and I’m just wondering if I should avoid purchasing pattern books over there. Also, is there any particular yarn I should purchase should I stumble across it? Not really planning on seeking out any stores, but you never know what you’ll come across.
Thanks for your help~

The only things which might stop me from buying patterns would be (1) the exchange rate, and (2) the thought that I’d have to carry them home. Otherwise, some British designers have some nice patterns. Many of the British yarns are available in the U.S. now, too, so I don’t know of anything you should snatch up - unless there’s some great hand-spun yarn you stumble across. That’s unique anywhere.

But if you like yarn stores, it makes perfect sense to do something you enjoy while you’re on your trip. :slight_smile:

Some terminology may be a bit different in the patterns, but there are plenty of places on the internet to find “translations” and I wouldn’t let that stop you. As far as yarns-I’d look around for some of the English brands that are available here and see if you can find them cheaper. (One example that comes to mind is Rowan.)

ETA: And have fun in Great Britain! I’m jealous.

As a Brit I say…buy as much as you can carry! :yay: :teehee:


Hahahaha I have to agree lol . :slight_smile: Seriously though! Just buy what you like and what you can afford .
But i know if i ever go to the US . I would bring an mpty suitcase with me and fill it up lol :roflhard:

Thanks everyone for your quick response! It’s helpful to know that there are translations on the net. Will probably do some googling on that and the exchange rates as well. As far as there being British yarn here, I guess I never read the label close enough to see where it’s made. And yes, books do add weight don’t they~~
hmmm. Will have to be careful.
Again, thanks to all,

If you do buy a lot of stuff you could ship it home to yourself.

Do you know exactly where you are going in the UK. Look up the places by googling and see what local yarn shops/spinners that you find. Yarn is very expensive over here and so is books. So I would only buy stuff that you definitely could not get in the US. like locally spun/handyed yarn. Hope you have a great time exploring the UK.

I went to Paris last summer and came home with two books and …uh… several (5) knitting magazines … and I do not speak French. I have not even tried to translate them but I LOVE looking at them… I say buy anything you see and fall in love with. I have learned in travleing… you can’t go back and what you really wanted and didn’t get will haunt you !!!

Oh! Sounds like you can take some of your “American” yarns or pattern books and trade with some UK knitters. :wink:

–Jack :guyknitting: [/COLOR]

Hehe, I love American yarns so it would work for me! My brother is living over there now so I get yarn and magazines for presents :woot:

It’s a ten-day tour… Stratford, York, Scotland, Bristol, etc., but we’re staying a few days longer to see more of London. Good idea to ship things home. I know they’ll be giving us free time, but when and where…?? But, yeah, I should pack an extra extra large suitcase with nothing but my stash. Ha I’ve been doing some googling. Seems the crochet terminology is way more different than the knitting terminology. Don’t think I’m going to bring my knitting needles on the plane. I’ve heard that it’s easier leaving America with them than it is returning, although I know you can mail them back. Precious AddyTurbos are too expensive to chance it. I mean, who knows what damage might occur in a mailing envelope!
Thanks you, you guys. Appreciate it~ :slight_smile:


If you are going to Bristol I would put Get Knitted on your Itinerary. I would happily move to Bristol just so I could visit that shop. Look at Getknitted.com

I have only got into knitting recently but I have come across “I knit London” a few times and it looks pretty good. Here is the website http://www.iknit.org.uk/index.html

I wouldn’t take your knitting needles on the plane in your hand luggage but its fine if you’re putting it in your checked in luggage.

We’re staying at the Marriott City Centre in Bristol. Looks like the yarn shop is a few miles away from the hotel. I hope I get a chance to visit it. Thanks for the tip!
Also checked out the “I knit London” link. It looks like the shop is close to the London Eye~~ the huge ferris wheel. We’ll have a few days of free time in London so maybe I’ll get a chance to stop in. Appreciate it~ thanks! But yeah, I suppose I could put my knitting in the checked-in luggage but I don’t think I’ll have much of a chance to knit because the tours keep you pretty busy doing and seeing stuff. So, I guess I’ll leave my project at home. Just hope I don’t go through knitting withdrawal on the plane. Ha!
Thanks again, all~

Here is a map of the Yarn shops in UK put together by someone on Ravelry (I forget where I got the link)
I think the crochet terms are different, but I think you can find online conversions for those too.

Well how cool is that! I can’t believe how many there are!! Incredible.
Thank you~


The thing that flumoxes me the most is the weight differences between US and UK. There’s another thread on this forum, in fact, asking the difference between DK (Double Knit) and Worsted.

There’s a really high proportion of knitting over here done with DK, so if you should happen across a DK pattern you like, I’d get the yarn at the same time.

You’re in luck with the exchange rate - it was 2 US $ to £1 for quite a long time but about three months ago the £ took a tumble, so the Dollar is trading at approx. $1.50 to the £.

Anyway, I hope you have a great time - wool gathering, or not!

All the Best

That’s interesting and good to know about DK patterns and yarns. Thanks for sharing.

Those are good exchange rates. We aren’t leaving for awhile, so I hope they last, but probably won’t! I’m just doing my homework and checking things out early to familiarize. What I might do next is to try to find a free UK pattern on line just to see what it’s like. I found this link that might be decent for abbreviations and conversions:

Thanks, Ellie.

Have a great trip – I love London, it’s one of my favorite, if not my very favorite, cities in the world! I happen to be here even as we post. I’ll be at I Knit UK for the first time tomorrow evening, I hope – I need to pick up some nice but inexpensive washable wool for the USO Hat drive, for knitted hats to go under soldiers’ helmets, and any excuse…besides, I just have to visit a yarn store with a license to serve alcohol, don’t I? :yay:

It’s about a ten minute walk from the Eye to Waterloo Station, if that’s helpful for you!

Hope you get to Borough Market if you’re a foodie! (It’s right near Southwark Cathedral.) I haven’t been for a while, and there’s a bakery stall there that serves the most wonderful Portuguese custards… :heart: LOL – yes, even though it’s 1 am, I’m STARVED!