Going to Disney in Sept. Any yarn stores in or near park?

Just wondering. I’m planning on bringing along a project for the plane ride but I may finish it and need some more yarn for the trip home! :wink:

The last time I went to Disney World, I was 18 years old, so I can’t help much.

But, if you look on the Yarn Shops Map, I bet you’ll find something. I see a few that are in or near Orlando.


I just went a after Christmas and looked for LYS along our route, I don’t remember any right around Disney, but I believe that there were shops in the towns around Disney. Have fun :cheering:

Um, which Disney park are you going to? The one in Florida or California? (Or Tokyo, or Paris, or Hong Kong…?)


I used to live at disney world in FL as an intern. This was almost two years ago, but there used to be a yarn shop in Kissimie. I was run by a really lovely lady who spun most of the yarn she sold. It was really well priced, too. I think it was around eight dollars for a handspun merino/silk blend. Just take 1-4 to the Kissimie exit and turn left. It was somewhere along the strip there, I think near a Holiday Inn. Warning: It’s not the best area to get lost in, so please make sure you mapquest good directions if you can.

Also, when I left they were in the process of building a yarn store into the town square in Celebration, the disney-owned town. It looks basically like Pleasentville and kinda creepy in it’s cuteness, but definately safer than Kissimie. Once again, take I-4 to the Celebration exit (about 5 miles from the parks) and there should be signs telling you how to get to the town square.

Good luck, have fun on your vacation!

I could NOT find the yarn shop in Celebration. Then, after we had left I saw it advertised somewhere else & realized that we had gone right by it & it didn’t look like a yarn shop! I will have to look for the name of it… :wink:

I just googled ‘yarn shop, Celebration, FL’ and found this that may help…have fun :wink:

Orlando is VERY LYS deprived. I have not been to the one in Celebration, and if you can find it, that would be the closest. I think the best one is KNIT in Longwood … but that is quite a treck from the parks, and it is very small.

Thanks so much for all your help! If I have time I’ll have to try to find the shops. We’re going with my son who will be 4 so I doubt we’ll have much time away from the parks. Not that I mind. I have been to Disney more times than I can count and LOVE IT!! Can’t wait to see what is new. It’s been about 6 or 7 years since I’ve been there.

Have a good time. I love it there. My brother worked for Disney for 10 years and still lives there. My parents moved there about 4 years ago and are now going to be moving back since my dad is sick. Have fun and let us know what you find.

Disney is my fav. :heart:

Hey I just left Disney, and I went to the YS in Celebration (called Hopskotch). It was HARDLY a YS, but I bought some Lamb’s Pride yarn in grey and pink…it’s not even worth making the trip to tell you the truth!!

Thanks for the heads up Andrea … I won’t bother to drive all the way out there. I get very jealous reading about everyone elses LYS … especially the ones who offer great classes !

When we went by Hopstotch in Celebration we didn’t even get out of the car bc we didn’t think it was a yarn shop :shock: !

The yarn was on a couple shelves in the back of the store. And all they had was basic yarn, no fun notions or anything :frowning: My sister did buy me socks that said “Knitting Girl” on it from there though. The store is mainly women’s clothing.

That’s what we thought, that it was just a clothing store…I’ll have to tell Lonnie that we were 75% correct :smiley: Anyway, by the time we had gotten there I had already spent all of my Christmas $ going down I-95 & stopping at towns (shops :wink: ) along the way :roflhard: :rofling: