Going to attempt a sweater, help please!

I’m a beginner, I’ve just done a couple scarves and a couple VERY simple hats. My 3rd baby girl is due in a few months, and I’d love to try to knit her a sweater. I found this pattern which I think looks simple enough for even me:
What kind of yarn would you recommend for this? I was thinking chenille might be nice, but I have no clue if that would work right. Any advice?

When I knit baby items I generally stick to yarn that’s marketed for babies which isn’t something they may be allergic to or that might cause skin irritation. Another thing is that making baby items out of machine washable yarns is almost a ‘must’ so you can just throw it in the washer and dryer since babies tend to spit up and such… but I’m sure you know all about that :slight_smile:

Babies are such a joy… and watching them grow into who they are to be is amazing.


It looks like a pretty good pattern and I agree w/ newbieknit about the yarn…have you considered this pattern? The picture on this site doesn’t do this sweater justice…many people on this forum have done the sweater and it turns out beautifully in a cotton yarn like peaches n cream (and it’s cheap too!!).

Also–I did a cardigan on a circular needle that is written by knitting pure and simple and it was SOOO easy (I had never done a sweater). You should check out their patterns too…

I’m loving Yarn Bee’s Dreamy Chenille, it’s what I’m using to make the Cotton Chenille Sweatshirt. I get it at Hobby Lobby, so you might be able to get to one and fondle it a bit and see what I mean :wink: I think it would be PERFECT for a baby!