Going from working in the round to flat on circular needles

Hi, I am thinking about making some fingerless gloves and the pattern I want to use incorporates the magic loop method - then, for the thumb hole you use another pair of circular needles and work the stitches as if they were straight. I am trying to visualize this to make sure I know what I am doing before I mess things up. How do I go from working in the round on one pair of circular needles to working the pattern back and forth on another pair? Here is what the pattern says:

For the next 8 rows, the sts will be worked back and forth to create the thumb opening, using both circular needles as if they were straight needles. The circular needles are necessary to accommodate the curve of the fabric tube you have been working so far. Temporarily remove the end-of-rnd stitch marker while working back and forth.
Row 1: (WS) Using the second circular needle, turn work and *k2, p2; repeat from * to end.
Row 2: (RS) *K2, p2; repeat from * to end.
Rows 3 and 4: Repeat Rows 1 and 2.

Any help is appreciated!

Welcome to KH. What pattern are you using, can you please provide a link or at least its name. When you come to the end of the round instead of starting a new round just turn your work and work back across the what is now the first row of flat knitting. HTH

Hi! Thanks for the welcome and the fast reply! Here is the link to the pattern:

I think I am just having trouble visualizing how that works - maybe when I get into it, it will make more sense!

I had a quick look at the pattern. If you want to make these, I think you should cast on. When you get to the point of working flat, ask for help if you need it. IMO it will make a lot more sense when you get there.

The basic idea is to leave a slit opening for the thumb. Knitting flat will create that opening via the ends of the rows. You’ll go back to knitting in the round to finish. What you’ll have is a tube with a slit in it. It works.

I’m glad you could link to the pattern. I needed to see that spiral rib pattern. I’ll use it in the future. Thanks.

Thank you so much! The spiral rib pattern does look pretty interesting! Ok, I may give it a try. I don’t think I have the right size needles (or at least I know I don’t have two) so I will have to get them and then get to work. Thanks again for the great help. It’s hard because I am (obviously) rather new to knitting and don’t know anyone else who knits that I can ask in person so I really appreciate this site and you!

Hi and welcome!
This is a cute pattern. It’s curious that it call for two small circular needles however. Of course, if you use magic loop, you’ll work on a much longer (32 inches or longer) needle but you don’t need two needles. You can continue with the needles used for the lower part of the mitt and just turn at the end of round as GG suggested.
If you’d prefer to use two needles, you can do that of course.

Yes! That does make more sense and I believe I now also understand working back and forth as if I am knitting flat. Thank you all so much!

That’s great. The hardest part of lots of patterns is persuading ourselves to start them.

I didn’t even notice it said use different needles. :rofl: I’m so used to using a long circ for most things that it never occured to me they might say to do differently and I just had a quick look at the pattern.

You are so right! I get so nervous because I don’t want to get frustrated and throw away hours worth of work if I get stuck. Thanks for all the encouragement!

I know when I first heard about going from circular to flat knitting and read I should “turn” it, I thought it meant inside out. But you want to turn it like 180 degrees away from you so you can see the inside of your work towards you.