Going crosseyed with sock yarn

So I decided to try my first pair of socks! :woot:

I picked out some sock yarn - Austermann Step (75% superwash wool/ 25% Nylon) in a blue and gray variegated color. I fondled it and gazed lovingly at it for about 24 hours, and then decided to get working.

Right now I am doing the gauge swatch (:angelgrin:) and I think I am going to go blind!!! :zombie:

How do you people work with yarn so teensy? I have never knit on anything smaller than #4 needles or smaller than a worsted weight. I am trying to swatch on #2 needles but I have a feeling I am going to actually need #1. I guess I just didn’t realize it would be so difficult. I feel like I have giant clumsy gorilla hands working with this stuff. :hair: The yarn I am trying to hold in my left hand (I am left handed and knit Continental) keeps slipping between my fingers. :wall:

I don’t expect anyone to actually make sock knitting less awkward, I just wanted to vent and boo hoo. :!!!:

I think I’ll work on something easier for a while and try again. At least I have about 5 things OTN to spread out my frustration. I shouldn’t have bought that KP Options set…

I realized it wasn’t fair to post without a picture of my lovely sock yarn. So here it is. Camera phone pic as I am at work, sorry! The true colors are a bit lighter but there is no flash on my phone. Sheesh who ever thought phones would come with a camera anyway???

I felt (feel) the same way about laceweight yarn. I’d suggest you do a swatch/practice to get used to the weight and small needles until you feel comfortable with it. Best of luck.

looks like fun! i love fingering weight yarn and size 0 needles. there’s something so satisfying about those tiny stitches. try to just relax and trust your needles to do the work for you.

I have used that yarn before, it is very nice! I used size 2.5 DPNs and the sock came out great. The only thing I can say is it will get easier as you go. Now when I knit with worsted it feels HUGE!

I went to the Dollar Store and bought some of those reading glasses. They make knitting socks much more pleasurable for me.

I keep losing stitches, even though I move everything to the middle, when I’m done. I’m going to go invest in some point protectors today, because I’m making no progress and my daughter just finished a complete pair of socks, while I have gotten nowhere! (dishcloths are just easier!). I can see fine, since I recently got new bifocals. I think it’s that stitches are migrating off the needles, when I’m not working on it.

I always had that problem of losing stitches, but I switched to bamboo dpns and they held the yarn on better.

I am actually using that yarn, same color. I am using 2.5mm dpns. I have finished one sock and it is just fine. I didn’t bother with a swatch for socks.

Alrighty, I guess this means I need some smaller :shock: needles. I haven’t decided whether to try DPNs or the magic loop or 2 circs yet. But I don’t have any 2.5 mm in any of these so I gets ta buy something regardless. :yay:

Sue, you have inspired me. I am going to finish that gauge swatch!!! :biting::biting::x:

The first time I worked with fingering on 2.5mm needles, I couldn’t stop giggling…up 'til then US8 was the smallest needle I had worked with. So here I had thin yarn on thin 6" needles and once my giggling fit was over, I was enchanted! I was hooked! It is by far my favorite type of knitting. Go get yourself some weak magnifiers and some good lighting - both will help immensely.