Going cazy looking for a pattern

It’s a rose-colored cardigan, very feminine, with purple and orange verticle stripes in the front (I think) and I think it has a pull-tie around the waist. I’m going crazy trying to find it.

Ring a bell with anyone?



Doesn’t ring any bells. Is it a free online pattern? You can comb through www.knittingpatterncentral.com if you haven’t already.

Can you remember any expressions, or descriptive words that were used in the pattern? Might help you in your google search.

Good luck!

I’m pretty sure I saw it recently. Yes I went thru the bizillion patterns on KnittingPatternCentral, as well as Elann, Berroco, and Adriafil (and Lana Grossa, where it may have been a “model of the month” that they no longer allow access to. I remember it being from a yarn company or Elann.

It was a cardigan, very feminine, not sporty. The model had honey-colored hair and was facing right. The color of the cardigan was rose or salmon, and it had a thin stripe on each of the front panels of rose or burgandy surrounding an even thinner stripe of purple.

No, I don’t remember its name. Can you believe I downloaded it and mistakenly threw it out with the recycling two weeks ago???

Thanks for your help, Amy. I really love this site :heart: and check in all the time. Right now I’m making a pullover that was one of the Lana Grossa models before they pulled it. It’s cream color. The front panels are split at the bottom, joined in the middle with center cables that end in a V-neck. Ooooh, it’s lovely. I’m making it with some stretch merino yarn from Elann that is out of this world, and also out of stock. I put some pictures on http://knit-crochet-for-impatient-people.blogspot.com/, but I’ve gotten somewhat further since those pix.

So, I’ll keep on searching!

Thanks again,


You can still see Lana Grossa’s model of the month. It’s right here:

Model of the Month

Don’t scare me like that :shock: Beldie has a hard time dealing with fright.

Sorry, really. Didn’t mean to scare :shock: you b/c they have the most gorgeous sweater designs.Now they have a dozen or so designs, but you used to be able to go back and download their “MoM’s” for the past 3-4 years. I have some, and they’re not there anymore. I’m making one right now, if you look at my blog (see msg to Amy).

Does the pattern I am looking for sound familiar to you?


I looked through all of the pics in their mags, /sigh, but didn’t see anything. I have looked at way too many patterns to remember if it is familiar. Sorry! Will keep an eye out for it though.