Going back to school?

I have been pondering for quite some time now about the possibility of going back to school. About 10 years ago I went to school to study court reporting. I got stuck at 140 wpm and threw in the towel. I have regretted it ever since. A couple months ago I happened to look on the school’s website and they are now offering a discipline in Broadcast Captioning, which is what I wanted to do all along and the best news of all, the classes are all online. I have already taken most of the classes for this discipline with the court reporting, so hopefully they will still count!! I live about two hours from the college now. Anyway, I have made an appointment with an advisor for next week, but I am scared that I will fail again. When I was taking these classes before, I was working full time, taking night classes and living at home with my parents. Now I am still working full time, married, we have a 2-year-old son and my own home to take care of. I guess I just need some encouragement or if someone has gone back to school with a family in tow, I would like to hear about it!! I’m 34 and I know that’s not old, but I feel like if I don’t do this now, I will be too old to go back to school!


I think it’s a great idea! What is broadcast captioning? :??

Broadcast Captioning is the captioning you see on television. Most TV’s have the option of turning it on. Basically, it is used for people who are hard of hearing. You use the same machine as a court reporter uses and it can either be done live or the broadcaster can send you a tape of an upcoming show and you can caption it before it airs.

I encourage you to go, yes it can be difficult but if your husband supports you and helps, you can do it! My mom went back to school at 44 years old. She had been a SAHM for 17 years (that was my age when she went back to school, my brother was 15). She did her bachelor’s in psychoeducation, as a full time student. But it wasn’t enough for her and she decided to go in Social work, and obtained her second bachelor’s degree. It still wasn’t enough and she now has a master’s degree in Social work!!
Obviously many things changed in the house. We had to participate more in chores, and I remember eating a lot of hot dogs during midterms or final exams. :teehee: The house was messier and dinners weren’t as good as usual, but you know what? We survived! And I think it developed our sense of responsibility, we realized everything she was doing as a SAHM, and we truly admired her. My dad supported her 100% so it made things easier. And for her, it completely changed her life. She’s now 59 years old, she is a counselor and loves her job!

If for some reason it doesn’t work out, don’t give up! It’s never, never too late to go to school. :thumbsup: Good luck!

I think you should. You can make it happen, all you have to do is try.

I too am thinking about going back to school. Primarily cuz I’m tired of getting entry level jobs that go nowhere. Though in my case I’ll be looking at getting into Business I/T.

I did go back to school after my 5 yrs of bachelor’s degree hell. I am going to school online now, and find it so much more my style. I am currently workign towards a master’s certificate, and after a year off from that will decide if I want the full blown master’s degree. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I am one of those people who is never ok with not being in an academic environment. I say go for it, because it seems like that is what your heart is telling you to do!:muah:


I decided to go back to school last summer after a long time off. I’m 41 now, and I’m pursuing a nursing degree. Believe me, there are plenty of women who are older than me at my college.

I was a terrible student in high school. I did not take responsibility for my school work. Mom & Dad were paying the bills, and it didn’t matter to me. Now that I’m paying the bills it’s a whole different ball game. I’m totally commited to doing my best every day, and I’m loving it! I have a 4.0 GPA as well!

DO IT - you won’t regret it!!!

This is funny or ironic depending on how you look at it. I am a SAHM who has been trying to get through theory for court reporting for the last 4 years or so. I went to a brick and mortar for 6 months, left to move and get married. Got pregnant on honeymoon. When I finally got to the place of being able to go back to school, got pregnant again.

In all that time forgot my theory, and now I am learning StarTran, and having a blast with it, except for the fact I am having female issues, that are keeping me off my machine.

I say go back to school. Court reporting is a great field, and captioning is growing like wildfire. If you are interested in some forums about court reporting, please let me know, and I will send you the links. I check those links before I check KnittingHelp, if that tells you how much I love court reporting. Just remember, others have done it and so can you.

Do you still have your machine? What about CAT? Let me know, I would love to have someone to chat with that is also a knitter so we can celebrate passing together.

My Dad had a rough time in college, but graduated, later found out he loved teaching and was a college professor for 30 years. After he retired he decided to go back to school to get a Masters in Education.
He turns 66 this year and is about to finish his degree. It’s never late :wink::thumbsup:

Thank you all for the wonderful encouragement! I am so excited about the possibility of going back to school. I love learning and I’ve always had an itch to go back to reporting, so I’ll just take it one step at a time!


I say go for it!

about the family thing- as long as every one is clear about what their “new” responsibilities are to help you out… and you keep the lines of communication open, I’m sure you will be fine.

My Mom went back to school when I was a teenager. she went for graphic design, and had a great time and worked so hard and got an amazing job afterwards. I was so proud of her for trying and ultimately succeeding. We all had to get used to her not being home 24/7 but it all worked out fine.

Go back to school! I went to college after being a teen mother and by the time I started college Ihad another on the way! I finished up my Bachelor’s degree and I took online and went at night and on weekends.

Oh goody! A topic near and dear to my heart!

Go back to school, and go back with confidence!!! You can do it!!!

I am 37 years old and a full-time college student. I also work about 30 hours a week, have two children, and travel frequently for soccer tournaments (going to Washington D.C. this weekend, San Diego at Thanksgiving…)

I had gone to college right out of high school, but after I got married, I worked so that my husband could finish. I then attended FSU for two semesters…at night though after working full days. Then I got pregnant and put school on hold for 14 years.

I have always talked about wanting to finish getting my degree. My kids would periodically ask when I was going back. I always figured I would go back after they left home. Last spring, I made the first step and registered. Then I got my student loans, which certainly made the decision more concrete and real. I have not looked back since.

I will graduate in March after taking two, three, or four classes each term. I hope to be teaching my own middle or high school classes next fall. I attend online classes at Troy University – a very reputable college with a wonderful online program.

Part of what held me back all those years was the determination not to miss any of my children’s extracurricular activities. Going online allows me to still work and do my assignments in between everything else. The only bad thing about terms is that they are nine weeks, so there are two terms per regular college semesters. That means I’m actually taking six or seven classes each “semester” putting me over full-time status. It’s a lot of information in a very short amount of time. The work is overwhelming at times.

My children have learned to help out a lot. We don’t have planned, sit-down dinners anymore, and the house is a wreck if the kids don’t do their chores. I have learned that we can manage. I figure I’ll make up for it in March, but then I’ll be studying for teacher certification exams.

Anyhow, if I can do these classes, and I’m not the sharpest gal, ya know…then anyone can!

Keep s posted!!! We’re behind you 100% :muah::hug:

I love hearing all of these stories. It is really giving me that extra push! Thank You!!! :muah:

Newknitter44102 & Auburnchick, I love your stories. Very inspirational!!

I will keep you posted!


Hi Stacy…I’d say go for it! I went back to college after a 10yr hiatus. I had already completed my Associates Degree in Accounting with another college. Unfortunately, the new college didn’t except my degree and I had to complete their Associates Program before I could complete the Bachelors Program. It took me 4yrs. I’m still kicking myself in the bootie for not just going away and getting it done when I graduated from High School…would have be MUCH less expensive.

My Degree in Accounting has basically done nothing towards advancement in my current job. I would still do it all over again. The sense of accomplishment is amazing. I’m actually considering going back to get my Masters in Accounting and sitting for the CPA exam…maybe:teehee:

Go for it! I just started back too, and it is good - weird but good. It’s been almost 10(:shock:)years since grad school, and to talk theory again, take notes, and balance family when before I had only myself to worry about is a huge switch. It sort of brings together the before family part of me with the now part of me, if that makes any sense.

I started a program for certification in marriage and family therapy, which will allow me to practice with a license, which my current degree does not. I had to adjust the program a bit to fit with my family and work life, and it will take me longer, but I will still finish. I’d echo what marykz and auburnchick said about scheduling and communication with all involved people. Life will change, but it’s much more doable if everyone is on the same page and understands the exectations and how things will be done differently.

Good luck!!! You can do it!

I just wanted to add that, while I, too, kick myself for not finishing college after high school, in a way there are blessings to returning when you are a “true” adult…meaning you’ve had life experiences.

There is so much that I “get” that I would never have understood before. I’ve taken several political science classes that would have been torture before. Now that I’m paying taxes and voting in an “educated” manner, I’m very interested in what I’m learning. Plus, my communication skills are 1,000 times better than 15 years ago. I’ve also got more self confidence since I’ve worked, stayed at home, and then worked again. I was not a very confident 18 year-old.

So, every age has its pros and cons…whether you waited or not. Chances are, though, that you won’t waste your tuition money, and that you’ll care much more about your grades. I know that while I was a good student before, now I’m almost anal about my grades. I’ve managed to carry a 4.0 each term, including this one, which I’m taking four classes (12 hours). My kids now understand that when I hold them accountable for their grades and expect A’s (cause they can do it), I hold myself to the same standards.

Once again, good luck!!! :hug: