G'Night Knitters

Thank you so much for making my first day of posts such a great experience!! Everyone is so nice & makes a newbie feel welcome!

I really appreciate it!!!

See you in the morning!!! This might slow down my productivity at work… :thinking:

Glad to have you! Be careful, like yarn collecting, posting is a slippery slope, too! :wink:

[size=2]I speak from experience![/size]

Good night! Glad to have you aboard!

Are you going to tuck your yarn into beddie-bye too?? :roflhard:

welcome :happydance: !!!

Hi Lisa- :waving:

Welcome aboard!!

Kelly - how did you know I slept with my yarn?! :?? I try not to let out my guilty pleasures! :blush:

Oh. C"MOONNNNNNN, Lisa!! This is US you are talking to here!! :roflhard:

Okay Okay… it doesn’t take much for me to spill the beans… Not only do I tuck in my yarn, but I also kiss them good night… the skeins are also named of the waltons - so if you can imagine going to bed in my house… night “good night elizabeth, good night john boy”… and the the lights go out.

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:


Ok… there was a 70’s flashback I wasnt expecting to have…