gloves pattern

hello everyone :slight_smile:
does anyone know an easy pattern for gloves WITH fingers? i have searched but all i can find is how to knit fingerless ones

i appreciate your help :slight_smile:

Can you tell us what weight yarn you want to use and whether you mind seaming or want seamless? Free only or are you willing to buy a pattern? Most of the free ones I found were fingerless so…

thank you for your reply! :slight_smile:

i would prefer free since it would be my first attempt at this. I also would not mind seaming if there isnt any seamless pattern to be found :grin:
i dont have a particular type of yarn in mind, i would just go with whatever yarn the pattern says

and yes its quite frustrating cause all the patterns out there are for fingerless gloves :triumph:

I found a lot of glove patterns, but the vast majority aren’t free. Gloves are more complicated so the pattern takes more time to write up I think. Anyway I found a few. You’ll have to see if any of them work for you.

This one says mittens, but the picture is of gloves.

thank you very much for your help☺️

What makes me mad is that I’m actually trying to find a free pattern for fingerless gloves that actually has individual fingers. Every search for “fingerless gloves” leads me to a pattern for fingerless mittens. There’s a difference!

My son has been begging for some for over 2 years now.

I tried hobo gloves and found these in among the, you guessed it, fingerless mitts.

Also, many more if you search "half finger gloves"

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Thank you! Apparently what I think they should be called is not what designers name them.

I really like the design of the broad street mittens. I’ll need to incorporate the thumb from the podster gloves into the ones I’ll make. These will be for my son to use during marching season. Have you ever tried playing a piccolo with full-fingered gloves or mittens? It just doesn’t work. The school does provide gloves but has all the flute and clarinet players cut off the ends of the fingers. Those leave his fingers frozen by the end of the night so I like the idea of having these gloves convert to mittens. I’d be willing to bet the rest of the flute and clarinet players want a pair by the end of the season.