Gloves (not mitts) for a 2 yr old

Yup, pretty impossible to find as a knit pattern or even to buy at any toddler store. (Believe me, I wanted to just buy a pair).

Ummm, it’s already November, so I’d like to make these very soon… :oops:

Will I be okay to measure the circumference around my son’s hands at the knuckles to get the number of stitches per inch (making sure it is divisible by 4)?

I am also under the assumption that placing the thumb and the fingers will be easy to customize. Is this right or should I keep shopping?

Hiya Beld!
One of my very first projects was a pair of mittens that I modified into gloves… Trust me, I had no idea how very creative I was being at the time :wink: :roflhard:
Do you have a pattern that you like for gloves? I’d say use that, and just modify for the fingers… cuts down on the amount of math you have to do, writing your own pattern…
The pattern that I used was for gloves knitted flat, and you created the thumb by using short rows… It was a free pattern, let me see if I can find it for you, because I already modified that one for my kids, should only take a little figuring to remember how I did it…
Did that actually help any :??

You probably answered the more important question PHM. I should be able to do these with a lot of winging involved.

Here are a few sites that I was going to try and follow or use as a guide:

Urban from Magknits
Broadstreet from Knitty
Hooray from Marnie

I’m off to go shopping for yarn and needles ([size=2]and maybe a new pair of running shoes[/size])

Here is the pattern that I use for customized fingerless gloves, best I could do…

Except for being fingerless, those Hooray for Me gloves look a lot like the ones I made (and I had no clue at the time that there was such a thing as self-striping yarn, and actually used two different yarns;) LOL) I think those might be the easiest to change to a kid size, too, because all you have to do is reduce sts…and add the tops to the fingers, of course :wink:

That site is exactly what I was hoping to find to get a rough idea of how many stitches I should reduce. Thank you so much. I will be getting my yarn tomorrow if all goes well.