Glove help needed

I’m trying to make the Men’s Fingerless Gloves from the pattern on this site. Under Thumb Gusset, I have the 18 stitches on a holder and 56 stitches left. I cast on 4 like it says and knit a little more. Now I don’t know what to do.

The pattern says leave 8 on needle, slip 32 onto a holder, leave another 8 on the needle. It doesn’t add up to 56. I know this is probably simple to most anybody else but I don’t know what my next step is here.

Thanks to anyone who can help.

(actually I’m not sure I put the right 18 on the needle. It’s the ones inbetween the purls, right?)

Can you specify which pattern you are working from?

Hi Marnie,

I guess maybe it’s not at this site. Here’s a link.

I ended up taking the pattern to the LYS where they were able to get me going. There’s something wrong with with the pattern … at least for a newbie like me. The number of stitches don’t add up to the total in that thumb gusset part.

Nevertheless, I made the gloves and am fairly proud of them. The picture is on my blog at


Well, I’m glad it all worked out. Free patterns are great, but most of us who write them don’t have anyone to proofread them. I’d almost say that beginners should try to work from published patterns to start with since they are more likely to be accurate. But you did the next best thing, you found an LYS to help you. :thumbsup: