"glittens" or "mloves"

Glittens is not my invention, the name I mean. I saw it somewhere else.
I think I like “mloves” better. These came about because I couldn’t do the pattern at the time.
Supposed to be fingerless gloves (from Weekend Knitting book) but
I got frustrated after the first finger and wanted to finish them quickly and so these were born. As it turns out, my DH LOVES THEM. He says their perfect and wears them all the time. I think they’re kind of neat too, might make me a pair.

I think they look great! :cheering:

I love them!

Fabulous… I love the color combination!

Those really do look great! What kind of yarn did you use?

Quite clever! I see how it adds to the dexterity, yet maintains warmth!

Very Cute!

KEWL!! I love those, what a great idea :cheering: I like the colors you used too-what kind of yarn is it?


They look great, I wish I had some. I think the idea behind the invention was for soldiers to get the warmth of mittens but still be able to use their trigger fingers.

Wow, Vic, those are soo cool! :inlove:

I like mloves, too :wink:

Those are great! :cheering:

THANKS EVERYBODY! :hug: Ohhh I feel so smart all of a sudden!
Ha. Designer! Wow Hildie thanks!

That’s funny about the trigger finger thing and soldiers. I never thought of that. My DH just said (again) he loves them coz he can get at keys and cell phone and stuff so easily.

The colors are even prettier than on screen, the blue got washed out a bit.
I’m trying to remember the yarn names but I’m not sure, both wool. Maybe Cleckheaton (the gray) and the beautiful blue I think is Green Mountain Spinnery Mountain Mohair. I made a hat out of it and it’s such a beautiful yarn.