Glen/Teddy Bear Makers

Glen or anyone that has made teddy bears,

We bought the teddy bear book Glen suggested and was looking for help. :thinking: … etc …

Do you have any tips or suggestions? Did you change anything? What did you do for attaching the arms/legs? Did you use joints? Where’d you get the eyes? Are you using the yarn they suggested or substituting? What’d you use? What size needles? Basically anything that you think would help us out. (We just started knitting this year.)

I’m really excited about making these adorable bears and so is DD. We’re going to LYS tomorrow to pick out yarn.

Thanks! :thumbsup:

The fist bear that I made was “Snowflake”, and I just attached her arms and legs with yarn… I found her eyes at JoAnn’s (in the button section) that are like a “tiger-eye stone”.

Right now I’m working on “Robert”, and I haven’t started putting him together yet. He’s a lot bigger than Snowflake, so I’m not quite sure how I’ll put him together yet.

I remembered that you posed a picture of Snowflake and he really turned out cute. That will probably be a safe one to start out with.

Please make sure you post a picture of Robert. He is why I bought the book. I just love how serious he looks. But Catherine’s dress is why I want to make her. They are all so darn cute.

They are fairly fast to make too!!! I used yarn to make “Snowflake’s” face, but I think that I should have used floss instead.

Let me know if you pick up any “pointers” :thumbsup: