Giving lessons

I need to make some extra cash this summer and I was thinking of offering knitting classes. I’ve never given classes before and I was thinking maybe some of you had and could give me some advice. What to teach in what order? How much should I charge? etc… It would be a beginner to intermediate course of course since I am myself not super advanced in knitting (I hope they won’t make too many mistakes :stuck_out_tongue: I’m not very good at fixing them :roflhard: )

I have taken a intermediate course sponsored by my company. I don’t really know how much they charged the company. However, a friend of mine took a course also, and she paid about $92 for 2 one-hour sessions. This is a new york city price. My suggestion is to find out about how much the knitting classes charge around your area and charge according to the range.

The beginner class I had visited was to do a project of a scarf with 4 different patterns. Each pattern took a session. The intermediat course was also 4 sessions; project was a cable hat (I posted a photo last month). Skill learned each course was not divided as obvious as the beginner’s classes.

I hope this helps. Good luck.