Gingham pattern/square sequence

I saw a knitted gingham pattern the other day, can’t remember where but it used 2 colors, white and blue. Anyway, it used 2 strands of white, 2 strands of blue, and 2 strands of 1 blue and 1 white. I need to find a pattern for this that shows the color sequence for the strips that makes it look like gingham. Any help appreciated… Thanks, Mary
Well, I found this link, but there’s no picture so I’m not sure how acccurate it could be since it only uses 2 colors - for a gingham you’d need either 3 or do it your way using 2 strands combined to get your 3 colors.

Can you just look at a piece of gingham fabric - here’s one and then get the color seqeunce for the squares and make up up yourself.

Duhuh! Thanks, Marilyn, looking at the fabric should help! I shoulda thought of that one…Mary

Another good one! Thanks, Knit!

This crochet blanket shows mixing the two colours together to get gingham checks.
or here is a different method for similar effect.

I have this bookmarked. It seems the easiest for me to follow.

I’m going to have to print these out and save them for future reference - they’ve just given me a great idea for a gift for my sister. She is a baby-blue-gingham-fanatic. She alwyas uses gingham gift wrap, ribbons, etc. I can see a cute little knit gingham tote bag/purse in her future…

I just wanted to make a rug, mercy, the possibilities are endless. Gingham is such a timeless fabric! Thanks so much for input!

Here’s the one I saw the other day…added it to my favorites- Thank goodness :thumbsup:,M1

That would make an adorable baby blanket!

Some good options. Good luck with your project!

Gingham check lover from way back here! I recently had the FC Afghan book from my lib. I’ve had my eye on the check afghan for a long time but don’t want the bulk of the double strand. I also have a check men’s cardi pattern from the FC Easy Sweater book. Planning to make it for myself. A while back I also did some gingham check potholders. :slight_smile: (Stranded and done double wide, folded in half to encase the WS. Images on my Flickr page. Love 'em!)

Over the wknd I saw some gingham check undies at the local closeout store but was good (I have sufficient) and didn’t get them.

ETA: if you want to do a gingham check towel for your sis, cute one here


I’m doing a variation on this rug from (more colors). You might want to add this to your growing list of gingham patts.


Or one for me!!! Okay, I’m being selfish but I’ve knitted for everyone else up til now and I’m gonna make some stuff for ME!!!
I think that even if I lived to be 209 years old, I’ll never do all the “Want to makes” on my mental list…:roll: