Gifts for crocheters

I don’t crochet. At all. (I have 2 crochet hooks that I bought for picking up stitches.) My mom has recently retaught herself to crochet. I know she has only bought herself hooks but not much in the way of extras. Her birthday is this week and I thought about putting together a little crochet gift basket for her. Besides the obvious gift certificate for yarn. What else would be good?

Crochet holders? I would guess pretty much anything you would get a knitter (except point protectors :lol: )

Row/stitch counters for fancy patterns
Needle holder
Books with patterns
Armchair Caddy
Comfort cushion
stitch markers

I found a couple of cool crochet books for my mom for Christmas. She has been crocheting forever, and never buys herself new books/patterns anymore. There are a lot of neat things out there now- I got her a book on crocheted socks, and also a sweater book.

I ended up just getting a gift certificate to the new LYS. I was hoping to buy her a nice crochet hook case and maybe some pretty markers. All they had at the LYS was for knitting not crochet. Maybe I need to dip into my bead collection and come up with some pretty markers that would work. I have seen pretty ones that have a curvey hook. Hmm how to make those?

Well, here’s for future reference.

The smaller needle holders can work well for crochet hooks as well. Even neater, you could knit one!

There are afghan hooks and double-ended hooks, which have interesting uses. Ergonomic hooks which are nice if the receiver has arthritic hands or joint problems. And despite what some people think, luxury yarns are not wasted on crochet and are always appreciated. I know that I would love to get some wool for a sweater as a gift.

I picked up the pattern a day calendar from Costco for 7.99 I think. There’s one for knits and one for crochet. I am going back to get the crochet one for my grandma in law lol.

Found a link that has then both… Hope it helps if you are interested… but like I said costco has them for less…

Am I the only one who thought about gifting her with knitting needles? :roflhard: You will be assimilated

Careful. I know several crocheters that would find that insulting. Crocheters tend to get very negative reactions from people who don’t craft. People like myself, who do both, often find that the reactions to their KIP is usually more positive than their CIP.

As a result, a lot of crocheters tend to be rather defensive of their craft and suggestions that knitting would be a better craft to learn are often considered very rude. A gift of knitting needles might be construed as such a suggestion.

I know it would be a gift given in jest, but all the same.