Gifts for Christmas

My dh and I do not have children. However, we have many nieces and nephews ranging in ages from 8 to 18. Now for a confession… We have difficulty with gifts for them. It’s like, “and” or “oh”. We are not rich and do the best we can. This year we had three graduating. We bought a book for each of them, found quotes for each child, wrote a couple of loving thoughts, and put a 100 dollar bill inside. We did not receive one thank you verbally or in writing. We have no ideal if they liked the gifts or thought we were cheap. They received cars, ski jets, etc. We cannot afford more without going in debt – which I am unwilling to do even for myself.

I would like to knit gifts for them for Christmas but don’t know if they would enjoy the gifts. Any thoughts?

Wow, well for starters… no matter what level the “other” gifts are, there is no excuse for not thanking you for what you did. :shock: I personally would be thrilled as what you chose was very personal and money to boot!
Not that these kids or their parents aren’t wonderful people, people do forget, but really! If I give a gift, I don’t live only for whether I get a thank you, but I do want to know if they got it, at least because of the money, it can fall out or get missed…
Here’s a thought, next time, make a donation of the amount you would give to the charity of your choice and send them a card saying so. Maybe then they will learn that the gift is meaningful even if they don’t have it in their hands. You and dh will know you did something good, and perhaps the recipient will get the idea. :cheering:
Although, a homemade handknit gift would be lovely, I hope this time their appreciation would reward your kind effort.

I have a good friend whose niece had a baby a year or two ago. She was concerned as to what to send as a gift, because the niece is very wealthy, and runs in wealthy circles, etc. My friend knew she couldn’t afford a gift of the caliber of other gifts that could be received.

I suggested she crochet (she’s not a knitter) a baby blanket for her neice’s baby. She felt that her niece, and niece’s mom (my friend’s sister who is just a tad snooty) might find it pathetic. I assured her that, as her blankets are beautiful, and the fact that it would be a handmade item from a beloved aunt, it would be appreciated and well received.

She did crochet the blanket, and sent it. The niece literally gushed over it. My friend’s somewhat snooty sister also gushed over it. My friend was so happy that she’d decided to do that.

Do your relatives live in cold climates? Maybe you could make scarves for the ladies, and caps for the guys; or even scarves for the guys, in manly colors? If so, be sure and include some sort of tag indicating the item is hand knit by you. :thumbsup:

[color=red]Next time just send them a nice card with your congratulations[/color]. There’s no excuse for them not aknowledging a gift whether it be purchased or monetary. I find that extremely rude, especially from family. (I am sooo fuming right now!) ok DeeeP Breathhhh… Cooling down… i’m better

How horrible that you did not recieve a thank you. I think that is terribly rude. I make my boys sit and write a thank you note when they get a gift, I have even bought thank you cards and stuck them in Christmas stockings.

I MUCH prefer a homemade gift, I always feel that the giver has put some of themselves in the gift, (as I do when I make a gift) and that makes it all the more special. I think the homemade gifts for Christmas are a perfect idea. Too many people feel the need to out-do the other person and practically mortgage their houses to do this and it is unnecessary. I think the fact that you love your family enough to make special gifts for them is amazing!!

Happy knitting!! :XX: :XX:

Thanks everyone. We do love the children; however, I don’t want to spend hours knitting something that will be thrown away because it is not something children/teens like.

I soooo agree. It is important to know that the gift was received.

I also love anything homemade. They are the gifts that mean so much.

CKelly and BK, I like both of those ideas