Gift Ideas for a 5 yr old boy?

Hello everyone :smiley:
My sister just had a new baby, her second boy :cheering: and I am knitting a baby blanket, etc for him. But when I give gifts to a child I always include their siblings as well. I was going to buy him something, but then I got to wondering if there was anything I can knit for him as well. I’m stumped though I must admit. Is there anything that can be made for a young boy other than a sweater?
I just can’t come up with anything, maybe it’s too late to think lol. Any ideas would be really appreciated. Thanks :thumbsup:

Just find out what his favorite colors or cartoon character are…
hat (maybe a jester-shaped hat?)
stuffed toy (dinosaur? Ive seen patterns somewhere for those)
superhero cape
slippers (those Fiber Trends clogs are AWESOME)

Here’s the dino pattern that Kelly was probably thinking of. I’ve made it–very cute!

Good ideas from all. Some quicky knit items could be a felted soda can sleeve in favorite colors, a washcloth, hand puppets/finger puppets (doesn’t Knitty have some?) or mittens.

I agree, it is always nice to give siblings a gift too. Perhaps I say this because I was the oldest and would have benefited from such generosity, but I like to think it’s cause I am a thoughtful person!

Another track you could take with this if you’re going to be visiting, is to bring a crafty type thing with you that the two of you can work on. This way he gets your undivided attention, gets to do a big-kid thing, and mom gets a break.

How about a hand-knit pair of socks in some funky yarn?

Oh I could just hug you all for your ideas:D

Kelly, you’re brilliant, love the ideas. I think I am going to do more than one of those :cheering:

Mer, thank you for the link. I’m partial to “Mr. Stegs” myself lol, and they seem rather simple.

MrsBear, I agree. I wouldn’t feel right watching the fun a child is having when a brother and sister has nothing to recieve. Well you know what I mean :wink: Thanks for your ideas as well.

Ingrid, I wish I could visit… they are clear across the country from me. I won’t be able to visit for some time and it is killing me let me tell you lol.

Knitqueen, wonderful idea as well thank you… but shhhhhh don’t tell anyone ok… I have never knit a pair of socks… shhhhhhh I don’t want to get kicked out of the club lol. This may very well be the perfect opportunity to learn though wouldn’t it :happydance: they have been on my to do list. and he wouldn’t mind if they weren’t perfect!

Thank you all soooo very much I really appreciate it… now here comes the fun part… time to go yarn shopping:D
:XX: :XX: :XX:

Psst. . . I’ve never knit socks, either!

those dinos are so cute! I think I’ll have to make a couple for the twins.

and GASP, Ingrid, no socks??? I think knitting at least one pair should be required for a “golden needles” winner. :slight_smile:

As long as I don’t get kicked outta the club:D

I swear the socks are right up there on my to do list lol… I just always come across something that I just must start on and never get to it… honest :oops:

(though I must admit the socks are intimidating to me right now too lol) shhhhhhhhhh

Thanks again all of you

I’ve never been intimidated by socks, or dpns, and I have knit booties. I just know that I’ll make one sock. I won’t want to put in the effort for socks when they go into shoes and under pants legs. I know some people wear them with sandals, but me? No, I don’t think I could get away with it.

that’s why you should definitely start by learning magic loop with 2 socks at once. I can reate…I have one sock finished right now that has been alone for about 2 months!

that’s what I want to learn to do… I honestly believe and know that when I am done with one sock I will cast it aside lol… I am doing a pair of slippers right now and I am already thinking that when the first one is done (should be by today :happydance: ) I am not going to want to cast on for the second lol… I am gong to make myself though.
So I figure when I start my socks I have to do them both at once.

This link has been posted before, but if you want to learn to do 2 on one long circular:

Also, Rebecca says she like knitting 2 socks at once by have 2 sets of dpn’s.

This is why when I have to knit sleeves flat I always do them both at once. Before the body of the sweater if I can, too. I figure that once the sleeves are done, there’s now way I won’t do the body! However, I have a couple of sleeveless bodies awaiting my attention! :rollseyes: They need to be knit on the sweater, and it’s too hot, so I do have a good excuse. :wink:

I like that tip! Next sweater I will have to try that.