Gift for grandma? NO WAY it's for me

I thought this was funny…

I’ve been thinking about buying interchangeable needles. I almost bought “Boye needlemaster 200” at Michael’s since I had a 50% coupon. But before I did, I read alot of reviews from here.

I then checked on-line on Amazon and

I found this on

[COLOR=“Blue”]Needlemaster 200 Zippered Knitting Needle Kit
Rating 4.3 | 29 reviews | Write a review
Today $42.45
Item #: 11436382 Very High Sellout Risk
[SIZE=“4”]Give your grandma a gift she’ll love [/SIZE]and use with this zippered knitting needle kit. This convenient kit is a must-have for knitters, as it features knitting needles for different types of cables, as well as a handy needlework kit for your designs…more

Why do people think that only grandmas knit?

Anyways, after reading many of the review here, I decided against Boye needles.
I will need save up for “Denise interchangeables” since there’s no way I can afford anything else. :frowning:

It’s bad enough when someone off the street who’s not very up on trends and fashions makes a comment about only grandmothers knitting, but it’s really bad when you have a company (who SHOULD be up to date on trends and fashions) make this kind of comment.

Amusing in some ways, yes, and kinda sad, too.

Gah! :doh: What’s up with these people?

My [B]mother[/B] is a lot like that, actually. I have told her many times that I would be willing to teach her to knit. She always says, “I’ll learn when I’m old.” :roll:

My mother is way more hip than I am. One day, I went to her house, and she was sitting there watching a television show of current musicians with very sexy dance routines. Some of that stuff is VERY suggestive, you know? I felt kinda uncomfortable being in the same room with my Mom as she watched it.

So, maybe I am “old-fashioned”. :help: