Gift for an 8 year old in less than 2 weeks?

i just realized that i had nothing to give to my little sister for her b-day (aug. 31) and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on patterns or just ideas:figureditout: she is going to be 9 (yikes!) and is a little tomboyish but sometimes likes cute stuff. and… is has to be done in under two weeks!! ( but i don’t have a lot of time with school starting!) so… help!!!

How about a hat in her favorite color(s). Or if she still likes dolls make some clothes, for baby you can use preemie patterns or there are a bunch of Barbie patterns. Or headbands or other hair items. If she likes to read a nice bookmark and a book. You can tell her you made it cuz she getting old enough for things like that. (She will LOVE hearing that from you I’m sure) Whatever you decide on I’m sure she will like because you made it and that will show how much you love her!

A bunch of fancy hair scrunchies.

Use leftovers of novelty yarn, the foofier the better.
Cast on 10 stitches. Knit every row until piece is 10" long.
Bind off loosely.
Sew or crochet short ends together.
Wrap around a hair elastic and sew or crochet long edges together.
Shouldn’t take more than an hour.

I am always partial to teddy bears!

If you made her a teddy bear, then you could maybe start a tradition that you make her a new outfit for that bear each year… then she could collect it and the outfits… as something special from her big sis… little gifts with alot of love :heart:

SOCKS!!! Mainly slipper socks, since the weather will cooler soon. Here is a link to an extremely easy and fast pattern.

You can make these all one color, too, so it’s even faster.

Or, you can present her with a nice card and a homemade “coupon” for one knitted item of her choice.

I like the bookmark with a book idea- here are some patterns:

Here is a cabled headband pattern if she likes to wear them:

If she is still into Barbies:

How about a little purse? You could put some lipgloss, etc in it- here are some patterns from Knitty but lots on the web

I have a daughter and I am a Girl Scout leader- I know a lot about this age. It’s hard to know what to make for them- they can be tough and sweet all at the same time!

ETA- knitasha I am totally stealing your scrunchie pattern to make holiday gifts for my troop!

Good luck and hope I helped!

I think this is a really lovely idea. I wonder if I could do this for my 15 year old brothers?!!

I wish I had a sister to knit for.

well, I’m not sure…lol, maybe you could make it a boy bear and make the bear jerseys?? or camo outfits… :slight_smile: Not sure if they would be extremely touched… When I was 10, my great aunt loved to crochet and I while I was visiting her she gave me this silly little clown/doll that she had crocheted. I have never been a clown person but I still have that clown doll she gave me to this day, and it makes me think of her even though she has since passed… Know what I mean?? They maybe older boys but you never know how your knitting will touch their hearts, but The way I see it is that It’s like you are giving them a piece of yourself. (I think I would include some candy too though…lol just in case!!

Hereis a cute little purse that shouldn’t take too long.

Here’s a few ideas -

If you can crochet, I would highly recommend making amigurumi toys. I like to use Lion Brand’s patterns (found here) because they’re pretty straight-forward. I’d say two little toys would be a great birthday gift. I’m making one for each of my friends for Christmas. Since I’m still in school, they’re perfect because they’re samples of what I can do without ‘giving away merchandise,’ per say. They whip up pretty quickly too.

If you can’t crochet, you can always make her a cute headband in a deep blue or something (I’ve found that girls who aren’t super girly but aren’t actually ‘manly’ like blue). Or, of course, you can always make her house socks. Good luck!

alligator scarf, or how about a pair of needles, ball of yarn and some knitting lessons book for beginners and help from you?
Wild socks with matching head band or …a matching whatever you make in a dolly barbie size to match, very cool for a kid who likes dolls.
knitted felted hat and scarf, very mature looking for young gals.
felted clog slippers with matching pajamas

Did you decide what to make her?

i actually ended up making her a cute little teddy bear, and a purse that she can put it in :slight_smile: thanks sooo much girls for you great ideas :D:D