Gift for a knitter


With the holidays coming up, I have to find a LOT of gift ideas, mostly since I have a lot of family :thinking:

So, I want to get something for my mom but since I don’t have money of my own (I’m plugged into her account) I hesitate to buy her something since it pretty much means I’ll be getting her something which she paid for… :?? She taught me how to knit and I thought maybe I should knit her something :slight_smile:

Do you guys have any patterns of something nice and easy that I can knit before X-mas? I am a beginner, all I know how to do is CO, knit and purl and that only in stockinette or seed :cheering: So yeah…somewhat limited :stuck_out_tongue:

This site has billions and billions of patterns, free.

If you want to do something before Christmas, patterned washclothes are quick and cool looking. A bulky scarf would go fast, too. Hats are quick, cozies are quick–lots of things out there that aren’t too hard.

Thanks oodles Ingrid :slight_smile: I’m gonna go check out the nifty website :cheering: