GGH Kid Mohair

Has anyone used this? Hard to knit? I fondled some last weekend at LYS and am now obsessed. It is pretty expensive though.


Mohair in general is a little bit difficult to work with, IMHO…at least until you’ve done it once. The stitches can stick together and look like 1 instead of 2 (but easily found if you’re paying attention). It’s also hard to frog.

I did see a tip on knitty gritty once though that suggested putting mohair in the freezer to deal with some of those problems. Not sure I’d want to do it though!

I am using Colinette mohair for a sweater now. It is a little itchy, but I think I can get used to it. I love the color.

Then… I felt the GGH and Rowan Kidsilk Haze at LYS. Now I want those. Just didn’t know if there was anything quirky about the yarn that I needed to be aware of.


I’ve knitted a scarf out of it and it’s just like any other Mohair yarn. And just like with anyother you have to be careful not to have to frog it! Frogging mohair is hell(I know from hard earned experience :rollseyes: ).
Anyway, I presume that ggh yarns are even more expensive where you live than I(seeing that I live in Hamburg-GGH=Garn Großhandel Hamburg) and keeping that in mind I would prefer the Kidsilk Haze. Somehow I find KH more soft, but that’s just my personal view.

I don’t know about that particular yarn, either, but to add to the general mohair grumbling - I knit my first sweater in mohair and it was a b**** to seam! The knitting wasn’t bad (I had to give up on bamboo and use plastic needles), but trying to do mattress stitch was horrid.