Gevalia coffee program? Anyone ever used it?

I keep getting emails from them and I DO need a new coffee pot.

Just wondering how the coffee is.


Hiya boo,
My mom did that for a while but the coffee did get a bit expensive after a while, The coffee was delicious though and I personally have a gevalia thermos coffee maker. I love it cause it doesn’t stay on all day and make the coffee bitter, but it does keep the coffee at serving temp for several hours (I make the coffee the night before for hubby and it’s still nice n piping hot for him in the morning when he goes to work). It’s the one with the thermos carafe. I got it at the local dollar store for like 12 bucks or something like that.

My old neighbors belonged to that and they loved it. If I recall correctly you can pick out which coffee you want sent, they had a favorite and would get all giddy when it arrived.
Sort of an aside, when we bought our place in Tennessee it came furnished and had one of the Gevalia coffee makers in it. It’s lasted since at least 1999 and is still going strong.

I used to be in one of the programs too for a few months. Their coffee is excellent but expensive. The coffee machine that came with the program is going strong 3 yrs now. I had some problems with my selections getting mixed up and sent late twice in a row. Customer service was mediocre at best and the issue was left unresolved.
They do offer a trial shipment for their programs, so you could try that and cancel if you don’t like it.

We’ve been on the program about 10+ years. We get 4 1/2 lb boxes about every six to eight weeks. It costs about $8 a box. It’s just my husband and I who drink it. Usually a single pot a day. I guess it is expensive compared to the store brands, but we really enjoy it and since we don’t have more than 2 cups a day each (sometimes an extra pot if we have company, which isn’t very often), it doesn’t seem like much of an extravagance. You can slow down or speed up the delivery dates or you can put it on hold for up to, I think, about 6 months. It’s very fine grind coffee and we use one of their measuring spoons which is smaller. We don’t like really strong coffee, so we use about 3 or 4 scoops for a 10-cup drip pot of coffee. That makes a very flavorful, mellow cup of coffee. We particularly like the traditional roast, swedish roast and peaberry. Periodically, they offer special blends and they do have flavored coffee (I don’t really care for that). They sell teas also, but I’m kinda stuck on constant comment.

We’ve ordered gifts through the catalog and most of the recipients have enjoyed it also. But…I wouldn’t just order it for the coffee pot. I don’t think that the pot is worth it. If you’re a big coffee drinker, you’d be better off getting a good coffee pot.

It’s worth a try, but you may get hooked.

MY dh signed up to get the free coffee pot back this spring… we were getting boxes faster than he could drink it…he only uses coffee on the weekends…so we cancelled it… and then last month I notice they took out 40.00 from our acct… and then a box showed up with their winter coffee… we put refuse on the box and called them up…wondering how they could charge us if the acct was closed and without us knowing… they said the acct was closed…apologized and said once they got the box the would refund us…well then we get a postcard saying they have the box back but decided to refund his account??? umm the one that is closed??? so we had to call them back and took a few days but we finally got it refunded lol… also we got a lot of calls through them or companies with them wanting to know if we were interested in other things… so to me it wasn’t really worth it…but others I’ve spoke to have had no problems and really enjoy it… :teehee:

I ordered the plan about 10 years ago for the coffee maker. The coffee is excellent but I cancelled right away because of the price. I have found that “Seattle’s Best” is just as good and is in local stores. My favorite, however, is from Community Coffee in La. There decaf is so smooth. Ellie (still usong the coffee maker)

We’ve been using GEVALIA for several years. We’ve never had a problem with their billing, nor with accurate deliveries. The free coffee pots are excellent! I tinker with (fine-tune) my auto-order using their website. Just today, I deleted the box of Espresso on auto-order, added #4 filters, and temporarily suspended any future shipments until 3-1-08. We have coffee “backed up”, so the “temporarily suspending shipments” feature allows us to use what we have before getting more. If the coffee we have on hand goes more quickly…I can always suspend the suspension!

Did you know that you can ‘fine tune’ the frequency of your shipments?

I especially like the Gevalia coffee club because of the variety of special coffees! Did you know that the most sought-after coffee in the world [COLOR=Blue][B](Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee) [/B][/COLOR]can be purchased through Gevalia? Other than Gevalia, I have never seen it for sale in the USA. It is $50 lb ($25 1/2 lb)…so I must confess I haven’t purchased it from Gevalia…but I like the fact that I can if I wish to. We visited Jamaica several years ago…the 1 lb bags of official Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee were $30 US dollars. We bought 2 bags to bring home as gifts for our Starbucks-employed/coffee connoisseur kid (1/2 lb each). They were ecstatic! I hear that a brewed cup of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee (when offered in fine restaurants) is $5 and up.

I did a price “test” several years ago…I calculated how many cups of coffee I could brew using a bag of Gevalia (or Starbucks) coffee…and divided it by the price I paid for the bag…and was I ever shocked to realize that it really only cost me about 15 cents per brewed cup! (We pay $1.29 or more for junk coffee at fast food restaurants!)

I joined Gevalia’s Limited Edition Coffees-Around-the-World club. Five times a year, a Limited Editon world coffee is sent to us. My favorite of all time is [B][COLOR=DarkRed]“Karoma Estate”[/COLOR][/B] from the Dominican Republic. We visited the DR (Punta Cana) Jan '05 …and that coffee!..even the DR coffee pods in the room…was the most delicious coffee I ever enjoyed! It seems to be rare, hard-to-find…and you can’t buy it from Gevalia year 'round. It is the LTD shipment that comes in December only.

Another coffee that is similar in body and flavor is the Select Varietal coffee called [B][COLOR=DarkRed]“Mocca Java”.[/COLOR][/B] (It is not chocolate flavored). It is 100% Arabica coffee from Ethiopia. And, it is YUMMY. It is my regular shipment every 5 weeks.

Anyway, I guess you can detect from my coffee blatherings…that I live in a Starbucks city…the Seattle area…and some of my fam and friends are Starbucks baristas. Yes, we’re a coffee clan out here!

Gevalia coffee, overall, is a smooth coffee…[B]never bitter, sour, or[/B] [B]harsh.[/B] Try it out…fine-tune your order, and the frequency, to suit your coffee habits and budget. Gevalia is worth saving for Sunday morning coffee! :wink:

The coffee is great! My mother et I both get it sent to us, et you can definitely tell a flavor difference between it et folgers. The coffee pot, however, isn’t that impressive et it is SLOW!!! Go for a Bunn if you want a good coffee pot!

Buy yourself a good pot, a grinder, and grind your own and you’ll get the best coffee that way. I picked up a small grinder at Wally World for around twenty bucks. It only takes a few seconds to grind enough beans for a pot in the morning.

That’s pretty much all we drink down here in south Louisiana! Good stuff.

We ended up getting a commercial Bunn coffeepot for $2! My DH’s employer is moving offices and they auctioned everything, so we’re pleased with the price!


Thanks for all the replies! Coffee is life, and even though I’m pregnant, I still get to have a half cup every morning without guilt.

i’ve had their service off and on, mostly for the free coffeemakers. i just don’t drink enough coffee, even if i suspend shipments for 3 months or more, to justify the expense and the hassle or auto shipments. i do NOT like having someone send me an auto shipment and debit my account. TWICE this past year, they have debited my account and caused me to become overdrawn. i was HOT! and the winter shipment was friggin expensive and i didn’t even want it!

instead of refusing delivery, i called them up to bend their ear about causing my account to go overdrawn. they actually closed my account with them, credited my bank account, AND let me keep the coffee. guess i’ll give it as christmas gifts. :wink:

Gevalia comes is either ground or whole bean. I’ve never had a grocery store brand that was Gevalia’s equal.