Getting the ribbing even and "professional"

So I think I’m a pretty good knitter, my projects usually look great and the knitting is even…except in ribbing! the knit stitches that are right next to the purl stitches, basically the edges of my ribs, are always very wide and look stretched. Somehow switching from knit to purl causes a tension change and the results don’t look so nice. Anyone else have this problem? Solutions? :thinking:


My only suggestion is to keep the needles as close as possible when switching. When I’m ribbing, I find that I tend to put my yarn over or back before I even slip my stitch off the needle. It probably started as a time-saving thing, I didn’t start to do this consciously, but it makes it so the yarn is right there and the needles stay very close–no stretching. Worth a try!

I just want to say that I have the same problem. :doh: