Getting Started Knitting Socks- PROBLEM RESOLVED!

I have this book on hold at my library and it’s taking forever!!! I just need someone to look up the directions for the right-twist cable sock and tell me how they go about it. I don’t need the entire pattern, just the stitch part and how they make it go up to the right. :??

Here’s the deal… I am making fingerless mitts for Christmas based on this sock pattern which is a left twist. I would like to reverse that for the other mitt, but I haven’t done this type of stitch before and since the sock in that book looks like the exact opposite I think it would work. Thanks if you can help. PM me please so I can print it easily. And THANK YOU to anyone who can help.:hug:


Jan does it have to be from that book or do you just want to know how to do a right cable twist?

I wish I could help! But I don’t have the book. :frowning:

Well, no. It doesn’t [I]have[/I] to be from that book, but the book has a pattern that has the lines working the opposite way and I thought it would be easier. I found a few ways to do the RT, but I’m not sure of the best one. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!

I just tried knitting a swatch of this and working it in reverse with the 2 stitch knitted through the front instead of the back seemed to work. I did
Row 1: P2, K3, RT
Row 2 (and all even): P2, K5
Row 3: P2, K2, RT, K1
Row 5: P2, K1, RT, K2
Row 7: P2, RT, K3

RT= Knit the second stitch (on left needle) and leave it on the needle, slip the first stitch as to purl (onto right needle) and allow second stitch to slip off left needle.

Thanks LadyB, I’ll give that one a try, too. :thumbsup:

GOT IT!! I made a swatch and played around with different RTs including LadyB’s. The one that matches the most closely is the k2tog but don’t take the stitches off the needle, reach around and knit the first stitch on the needle and then remove them. Whew… now I can work the mitts! Thanks for the help!