Getting and giving together for fun

Because my children live 600 miles apart, we were together for Thanksgiving this year so we combined Christmas with it this year. Instead of exchanging names with the adults or buying gifts for every adult, which can run into $$$$ of dollars, we decided to buy one gift for each adult under $20 or so but with a twist. The gift had to be for a child and was to fit the personality of the person it was being given to. For example, I am a handbag nut. I must have 100 of them. So, my dd and sil and grandson bought me a toy handbag with all the assessories and this one talks to you when you put your assessories in it. My husband is a computer nut so they bought a plastic toy computer, my son love jujitsu so I bought him a stuffed Spongebob Squarepants in a Karate Gi. My son in law is this genius geek so I bought him a Rubik’s Cube and it said, “for the man who is hard to figure out, but you get him eventually,” and so on. It made for lots of laugh. The children get the charity experience by then taking all the gifts to Salvation Army, Toys for Tots or whatever. Fills up your heart and you have loads of laugh besides!

:heart: Awww, that is sweet. =) This year we combined both Christmas and Thanksgiving as well, but we live much closer than that! My family has some crazy schedules, and everyone one seems to be able to spend either Christmas or Thanksgiving with us, and the other with their inlaws, and it’s just not the same when you are missing people.

There are 32 people in my Grandparent’s ‘flock’ including their children, childrens husband/wife and [I]their[/I] children.
This year all each of Gma’s kids drew a name for another family, and we bought family gifts. Gma of course refused to go for that, and ended up giving us all gifts. silly grandma LOL It was very nice actaully. And with our personal Christmas, my mom and I are orchastrating it, trying to get it as low -price wise- as possible, and not tacky. Everyone has several nice gifts lined up, and I am pretty sure we are going to make it under $10 per person for our family, or just a little under $100 (There are 9 of us)…

But anyhow, I’m probably boring you, so I’ll quit. :slight_smile:

We used to exchange presents at Thanksgiving, too, until fewer and fewer of us were able to get together (my closest sister lives 1500 miles away). I like the idea of gifts to pass along to charities - how many of us need more stuff anyway. Well, except for yarn.

What a fun and considerate idea! :thumbsup:

Nonny2t, that’s an awesome gifting idea! Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile: