Getting a nice looking edge on garter stitch border

I’m doing a blanket with a built-in garter stitch border – knit first 6 and last 6 stitches of every row. What stitch should I do to start each row to get the best look? If I follow the pattern and just knit, I get the little bumps on the vertical selvedge. If I bring the yarn in front and purl slip the first stitch of every row I get a nice chain edge. But I worry that it will not be a “tight” edge and will loosen up with time. I won’t be adding more border or sewing a seam, so I don’t need the chain edge to pick up stitches, I just think it looks better.

Any other suggestions/tips? All the websites just talk about clean edges on stockinette stitch. Thanks!!

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I’ve done the slip stitch border on a scarf and never had a problem with it loosening up. I like the way it looks, too.

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When you slip stitch your scarf edge, did you slip as if to purl or knit? and where is your yarn – front or back? Do you do this just at the beginning of each row?

Most people say to slip purlwise with the yarn in back. You can try it other ways and see which you like best.

I’ve recently discovered that I really like the finished edge when I slip the last stitch, purlwise, with the yarn in front. I tried doing it on the first stitch, but I kept forgetting to slip it.:teehee:

You get a nice chain edge if you slip purlwise with the yarn in front and then knit the last stitch.

You could try it both ways on a little swatch though to see which way you like best.

thanks all for narrowing down the possibilities of purl/knit/front/back/first/last/etc/etc … now I’ll just make those sample pieces with each suggestion and see what I get!!

You don’t have to do a separate sample, just make one with a few inches done each way.

I knit the last stitch in each row, slip the first one as if to purl, put the yarn between the needles to the back and continue knitting. Works like a charm.

Yup, I usually slip my first stitch as well - I love the edge it gives my projects. What I learned on a scarf pattern I made a while back was that if the first stitch presented itself as a knit stitch, slip it with yarn in back as a knit stitch. If the first stitch presents itself as a purl stitch, slip it with yarn in front as a purl stitch. I haven’t really played around with other variations, but I’m really happy with my edges when I follow that guideline.

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