Get-together at Stitches Midwest! NOW WITH PICTURES!

Hey KHers!! We’ve been talking about this for ages, but thought we’d better make it official…

Amy has named Illinois The Center of the Knitting Universe :lol: . SO, we are hoping that LOTS of us can make it to Illinois for Stitches Midwest.

The event takes place August 10-13. Even if we dont take classes, we can meet each other face-to-face, organize LYS crawls, and wander around the convention center en masse! Howie is thinking he might even host a potluck BBQ on Friday evening!

So, think about it…the time to WARN DHs, SOs and children is NOW! :mrgreen:

PS…if someone wants to do a little organizing and check into blocks of hotel rooms and/or discounted rates for same, this would be the time to volunteer! :heart:

:shock: I have resisted the temptation of planning to go but this makes it so hard. I wanna meet all you lovely people. :inlove:

You can fly dirt cheap on Southwest, Sandra! :thumbsup:

Please come!! :heart:

I think it’s a fabulous idea, and one that’s been percolating in my head too… yeah, everyone, check out Southwest Airlines at - it’s amazing what some of their fares are ( might be a good place too - we’ve gotten good fares from Midway to Newark there).

I’m not planning on registering for any classes at Stitches - just visit the vendors and meet KH’ers is what I’m thinking… and thanks, Howie, for offering to host a BBQ!!! :cheering: :cheering:

:thinking: I think that my Aunt still works for Southwest now that you mention it. And TJ was asking what he could get me for my birthday. hmmm… I would not even mind bringing Sophia along break her in early :slight_smile: Just stick her in the back pack and she will be happy and I can enjoy the fibre goodness. :thinking:

I will have a better chance of going if I ask for it as a gift and take the phia-meister.
Question though The flight would be going into Midway is that very far from the festivities?
off to plot… er … plan

Maybe we can coordinate our flights, Sandra, and some angel will pick up both of us! :rofling:

I’m heading in Friday morning (noonish, actually) and leaving late Sunday afternoon.

Happy plot-- um, planning!

Where are you staying?

I would love to go to this, but the DH and my 1st anniversary is August 12th! drats! :doh:

O’Hare is closer to Rosemont, but Midway is closer to my house. Midway is only 45 minutes from Rosemont, anyway, depending on traffic.

With Andrea at least one night–she may kick me to the curb! :rofling: Would you like to share a room close to the convention?

:verysad: No way of celebrating earlier, huh? Too bad it’s your first! I mean I’m happy for you…oh, you know what I mean! :wink:

With Andrea at least one night–she may kick me to the curb! :rofling: Would you like to share a room close to the convention?[/quote]
I would never!!! :wink:


If I could afford a hotel room OR it were closer to home, I would go. :verysad: I just can’t see using that as my one vacation type weekend all summer, when I know I could go to the beach for a week for cheaper. I’m sorry. :frowning:

Cate you can stay with me! As long as you don’t mind clutter and cat hair!

Aww, thanks, Hilde!
I’ll see what I can do. I will tell my boss I need to not work those days when I give her my summer schedule, so as long as everyone doesn’t want those days off (I’m the low person on the vacation totem pole, since I’m pretty much only there to fill in everyone else’s days off), I should get them. :cheering:
Mapquest says it’s 12 hours from Annapolis to Rosemont. I could drive 12 hours in a day, so it’s possible. I hate flying, so I would much rather drive if I can, even 24 hours worth round trip.

Sounds like a go, Cate!!! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

:smiley: Sounds like TOO MUCH FUN!! Wish it were closer to me :frowning: Ya’ll just have to take GREAT photos :wink:

That would be so fun! But DH and I have already planned a trip to visit the in-laws (his parents) in TX. Bummer. [size=2]However, there is an awesome LYS in Plano that will help me cope![/size]

There ya go!! :heart: :heart:

Cate, I’ve made that round trip drive 17 times and counting… you will be wiped out the next day, I promise!!! Seriously seriously consider flying… 12 hours (if there’s no traffic or construction which there will be) in an ass-numbing car is MUCH worse than a 2 hour plan ride wher eyou can knit, even if it costs three times as money as the tolls and 3 tanks of gas.

For the price of 3 tanks of gas, you COULD fly round-trip! :rollseyes: