Get rid of your old eletronics free

Sams Club let you mail your old stuff free.They send you free paid postage by e-mail.I got rid of 2 printer and a monitor:yay:
Just thought I’d share

Good for Sam’s Club. They are nice people. :thumbsup:

That’s awesome! I’ve bookmarked it for the future. I’ve got a few things like this to get rid of.

Costco also takes old electronics. If there is still some value to it they supposedly pay you as well.
A number of electronics companies also recycle older technology. Goodwill industries is also setting up to recycle old electronics at least in Washington state.

I thought that’s what Craig’s List was for :rofl:

Personally, I use freecycle! I like the stuff getting reused by someone who needs it. It makes you feel good when people come pick up stuff and are so excited to get your “junk” for nothing.


That’s so cool. Thanks for sharing!