German Yarn

Hi everyone
Been a while since I last came here. I need help identifying this yarn. Can anyone help. I bought it online and I need to know laundering instructions. I scanned the label. All I could figure out is that it has some acrylic. Also sending the picture of the yarn. Thanks. Rebecca

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If the woollite bottle is listed in that label, does that mean you wash it with woollite? then how about the drying part?

This tells you what the symbols on the label mean.

Looks to me like it is acrylic/viscose/polyester blend, can be machine washed max 30 degrees (celcius), so fairly cool water, and can be drycleaned, no bleach.

Thanks so much for the information. As soon as I get over this horrible cold will start an upside down cardigan with that yarn. Rebecca :slight_smile: