German cast on?

I was reading on leg warmers, and this pattern calls for a German cast on. It basically is described as a stretchy cast on.

Does it have a different name in the US?

Thank you for the pointers,


Do you mean a Twisted German Cast on?

Hey, nice bearded dragon!

Twisted German cast-on meets your description as nice and stretchy. zkimom linked to the video I used to learn it, as well!

I just learned this cast on a few months ago and it is becoming a favorite for hats and socks and things that need a nice stretchy edge. I call it Twisted German too.

Thank you so much everybody. I had no idea it was called a “twisted” german cast on, but i can see why! Thank you for the video, it makes it easy to learn - I watched both versions and saw there was more. I will use it for my next hat instead of a knitted or long tail cast on.

As for the bearded dragon, I will pass on the compliment to Woodstock, my little joy and pride :slight_smile: (he’s a real diva believe it or not, he loves posing for pictures)