General Knitting Question

I made a blanket (knitted squares) and sewed them together and gave it as a gift to a family member. Recently got a look at the blanket again to see if it was holding up okay and I noticed some of the ends from a few of the squares were peaking out even after I spent a very long time making sure they were in securely before I sewed it together.

It doesn’t bother the recipient as much as it does me since I spent so much time with making it (haha) but I don’t want to have it falling apart more. Anyone have any tips/tricks/methods to make sure the ends don’t come out more?

Hope everyone is staying healthy and safe!

When I knit blankets and weave in ends something always ends up sticking out after I think I’m all done!!!

I always try to have the 2-3" ends hanging on the wrong side of the blanket while I’m knitting so when I weave them in, it will be on the wrong side. Don’t cut the yarn too close. You don’t want to slip and cut the main yarn by mistake!!


Thank you! I will keep this in mind for the next one I make!

No problem!!! Something funny happened to me - I had knit a prayer shawl and given it to a friend after her
knee replacement surgery. Well, I was sitting next to her bed and had spread it out on her lap so I could show it to her. That’s when I discovered one set of ends that I had completely forgotten to weave in!!! I was so embarrassed and trying to hide it. But that didn’t work, so I just showed it to her and asked if she had a crochet hook or needle or something I could use to weave the stupid thing in with. But she didn’t, so I just used my fingers!!

My most embarrassing knitting moment ever!!!



I had something similar happen where I completely was in a rush and needed a gift to give so I picked up a scarf I had finished and not weaved in the ends yet and not the completed one I had meant. I didn’t even notice till they unwrapped it at the restaurant and saw I picked the wrong one up. So, I told them and offered to finish it and they just laughed and said “it added character and made it look handmade”.

I think people are just happy to have a handmade gift knowing you spent time making it!